Dansk (Danish) - getting to know each other

Hej, jeg er ny frivillig på Viki og er begyndt og oversætte to serier til dansk, men min bror og veninde kom med et meget godt pointe: er der overhovedet nogen som læser/bruger danske undertekster? Dem som ser Viki er vel nogen som kan/foretrækker engelsk eller ingen undertekster? Jeg færdiggøre mine to dramaer men så tænker jeg at droppe med at oversætte til dansk og bare segm. og oversætte til engelsk.
Nogen der har haft lignende tanker? :smiley:

Hi everyone!
How many non-Danish knows Danish, maybe taught themself or something (but why would anyone do that)? :stuck_out_tongue:
What to talk about in this post? :smile:


I am interested in learning all languages if it were possible, but right now I haven’t learned Danish (yet).
I once did an sample lesson though and I was really surprised how the words sound totally different from how they are written. Although maybe for Danish speakers it makes all perfect sense! :smile:

I am from the Netherlands and I heard that for Dutch people it is fairly doable to read Scandinavian texts without any prior knowledge , but when it’s spoken it’s impossible to understand when you haven’t learned it!

Just for fun, let me try to translate the post you wrote in Danish:

"Hello, I am a new volunteer on Viki and I have begun to translate series in Danish, but my brother og veninde?? came with some good points: is it possible to edit/check Danish texts? Because on Viki … English or other subtitles(??)? I prefer to do drama’s but i thinking about droppe ?? translating to Danish or translating to English. Anyone has thoughts?

How did I do? :sweat_smile:

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Haha hi great and fun to meet new people! :smiley:
Danish can be a bit difficult I guess; I often hear people say it is because of the silent letters in a word, so you skip some letters when you say it compared to when you write it, kinda like slang? :stuck_out_tongue:
Dutch is kinda easy for us, if you have learned German I think, but reading it can be confusing :smiley:
You translate the first sentence pretty correct. :smile:

Hi, What to talk about? I would love if you could give me some recommendations, wife and I both like Korean dramas, I’m also a huge fan of TV from your part of the world. Borgen, Forbrydelsen, Nobel, The Bridge (first two seasons), Rita and on and on… What’s hot on local YV currently?