Dark mode...and whatever else you guys did


Well, my profile is a wreck. Pics won’t come up, the color of fonts I used with WHITE BACKGROUNDS is an EPIC FAIL ON BLACK. I mean, I chose PURPLE but I’m guessing some who used, what, BLACK TYPE may have …even less readable words now?

Maybe it’s great for someone who wants to not have a white screen like many of us do for what, CONTRAST SO WE CAN READ THINGS READILY?..

Maybe our profiles are “going away” and we just haven’t been told that yet. I mean, with Teams going to a TAB OFF THE FRONT PAGE OF THE DRAMAS WE WORK ON…shrug…I guess really nobody needs to see the NSSA badges, or my one picture I put up, or…really anything anyway, lol.

Let me know if you’re going to delete our profile pages so I can at least COPY my projects somewhere as a memento…and have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

the masked marvel sigh.

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