Bring back the light mode!


As many of you may already know, Viki has removed the “light mode” and now we can only use the “dark mode”.
This has bothered many volunteers, since many find difficult to read on a dark background, many can’t stand being in the “dark mode” for too long and many others are overwhelmed by this “dark mode”.
We were all happy with being able to change from one mode to another whenever we wanted. Why did they have to change this without asking the volunteers? Why can’t we have both modes?
I am not making this complaint to remove the “dark mode”, but to implement the “light mode” again so we can switch between them. I WANT TO HAVE BOTH MODES, NOT REPLACE ONE WITH THE OTHER!!


Need help, why can't I set up the background on viki no more?
Need help, why can't I set up the background on viki no more?
Dark mode...and whatever else you guys did
Dark mode...and whatever else you guys did
Dark mode...and whatever else you guys did
Dark mode...and whatever else you guys did

I would sign a petition to give us BOTH options. Not one to replace the dark mode with the light mode. Since last year I suffer from “mouches volantes” (seeing weird black little things before your eyes) and they are most obvious on white backgrounds (not just screens, also white walls, ceilings, bright skies etc.), so ever since I’ve started to detest white screens and I was very happy with Viki’s dark mode.
But of course, I also understand why some people have a problem with the dark mode, so I’m all for having a choice in this. :slight_smile:


Yes, of course. I want them to bring back the “light mode”, not replace the “dark mode” :slight_smile:


In that case you have my vote. :slight_smile:


Yes, please!
I understand that different people have different tastes so we should have both.
For me, the dark background looks too depressing on the Home Page.
Visiting the “about me” pages of people who put images with a white background in mind is now very funny to look at. XD Also, the badges on the “overview” page all have a white square around them. :sweat_smile:
I guess they made it this funny to fix the depressing side that I just mentioned. :smile:


Me too, me too, me too!!!
When I started with Viki, I used dark mode a lot but my notorious mind wanted me to use the light mode too and now, I am perfectly settled with the light mode. Sometimes, I used to switch between the two modes yet I found light mode much more pretty for my eyes. I don’t know if it’s just me but the newsletter said they’ll be implementing it from July 26 and they started a month prior. I am just NOT happy. I want both modes back.
At first, I thought it’s just me who’s upset but seeing other people too, I happily agree


And now the regular site is permanently dark, but the mailbox is permanently white! So no-one’s happy. Please, Viki, just let us CHOOSE!!!

@angelight313_168 What do you think? :slight_smile:


I am in! I am in!


I just saw my mailbox and it is as you stated, white. This must be another ‘‘bug’’ going around here bc ever since they announced the dark mode was set on stone for the site (lmao), now we have white mode all over the place even in our mailbox no less.

I don’t think this is staying like that since they never announced about that happening . It must be a passing [bug]…so famous lately at this site. So weird…don’t you think?

PS I forgot to add my login page is all white now for a while now (it used to be dark mode before; which I like it that way). They need to let US choose what we want white or dark!


There’s many bugs going on these days … Luckily my log in issue got solved the same day, but there’s still issues with translating and I even occasionally get the announcement “You have not made any contributions yet”. :roll_eyes:
So, yeah, maybe this is a bug as well …


Something like that happened here too a few days ago. But when I refreshed the page, my translations magically reappeared.

I have never come across the Vikibot during translating. And I hope I won’t. I also hate spelling check on phones, where they always give the wrong suggestion.


All of my devices, their operating systems and apps run in Dark mode exclusively. But that’s my own choice. Give the people that choice, so Yes, I stand by your request.


I would sign it for sure!


I prefer the light mode, but if possible would like to have the option to chose, because some have trouble with one of the choices. However, it is not only about preference, but a need to chose one or the other given so many have eye or other health issues.


Some moderator could probably merge these other two threads with this one:

It is troublesome to respond to all three threads, when the topic is exactly the same.
I think that, of the three, this one has the title most relevant to the topic, and people who see it will immediately know what it is about. Although … it would be nice if the original poster changed the title to something more neutral such as “Bring back the choice between light and dark mode”, so that both friends of light or friends of dark can enter the thread and contribute to the discussion.

@jeslynl, @mariliam
@ nxyhttp


Hi there! I made the petition! Please, sign it and share it as much as you can!!


Is there a chance?
We have many that have trouble with the dark mode.
From hurting eyes, to tiring eyes, even not able to read properly because of the “contrast” who is not working for everyone’s eye condition.


I think it would also be good to link it to a help center request? This way, Viki will see it more likely and has a way to response within the request. Also more people could possibly sign the petition, as the request only needs a thumbs up.


somehow I’m missing the words “let us have BOTH OPTIONS” not only bring back light mode… this could translate like we want the light mode only… but I’d like both light and dark.

“By signing this petition, I accept that I want the Light Mode back”

@nxyhttp could you change the wording so I can sign it, thanks.


@simi11 It’s written in the form that both options are wanted.