Deadly Dimples in Dramaland


I know, I know. We have the hottie posse and baby bird university, among others, so do we really need another thread in which we post photos/gifs/videos of and ogle at all the good-looking people that exist in Asian drama land? Well, if you’ve followed some of my posts in those threads or have seen my top 10 hottie list, you are probably aware that I have a thing for dimples. Like, a fatal thing for dimples. And I decided I really needed a place where I could discuss them separately and have people share their most favorite dimpled darlings. Because I’m sure there are some out there that I don’t know about, and I want to meet them.

I once said, in another time and another place, that, “I could swim in that guy’s dimples.” The first K-actor for whom I had that reaction was Kim Myung Soo. He’s got dimples, and he knows how to use them, and my heart will skip an unhealthy amount of beats every time he flashes them at me.


Ok, I’ll stop now. hehe

So, if you have a be-dimpled hottie/cutie you’d like to share, bring them all! BTW, this doesn’t have to be limited to the male species. There are plenty of adorable females with adorable dimples, too.


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Kim Bum


@vivi_1485 that photo is for you! My Friend!
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Lee Minho


Jang Ki Yong That nose twitch is so CUTE


He does not show them off in photos!

You posted my favorite dimple boy - Kim Myung Soo or “L” that white shirt photo is my favorite!



This one is always posing with his ‘sexy’ face in photos, which hides his dimples, but he’s got them if he ever wants to use them.

Seo Kang Joon


And my 1st Kdrama Hottie I ever met - even though he is not in my Top 10. He is a very handsome man and deadly when it comes to dimples!

Ok - I’ll stop I have more but I’ll let someone else post

Hyun Bin


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Kwak Si Yang

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This guy was a 2ndry character chef in Oh My Ghostess! I love him!

Kwak Si Yang

Not huge inner dimples but side dimples! And such an “eye” smile


He was a cutie in that drama. I looked him up, and he’s been in a lot of popular dramas, most of which I haven’t seen though. He’s 34! (though, Oh My Ghostess was about 6 years ago)


This guy’s face is so full of sunshine!

Choi SiWon

Kim Min Jae
His come out more when he gives a smirk or grin rather than a full smile, but they are awfully cute.


I don’t think you can have a dimples thread without Shin Min Ah


Absolutely. I may not be a huge fan of her acting, but I am a huge fan of her dimples!

I wish she could really pass me her dimples like it seems like she’s trying to do in that GIF.


I love her dimples!! I do like her as an actress!



Jang Hyuk





That drama as a whole is not amongst my faves, but this particular moment is. Actually, they had several really nice romantic moments.


It was very romantically cutesy! Never a real kiss! They always got interrupted


Jung Gun-Joo


I am not familiar with him. Those are some quality dimples!


One Hallyu

Lee Seung-gi

Lee Jae Wook

Aw, - so ADORABLE!


Don’t really know her either.

Lee HaNee


I AM GOING TO LOOOVE this thread!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’m currently in heart jail so I can’t smash that heart button, but I’ll definitely get to it once Viki allows me to use my hearts again!!


I was looking for this! I looove Shin Min Ah’s liquid dimples! I was glad they gave us so many dimple scenes in Oh My Venus!

I thought it was a refreshingly healthy romance mixed with lots and lots of comedy… only that 8 month gap scene was unwarranted and kinda spoiled the whole trusting relationship they had till then.