Dear Reports, Happy Anniversary 🎂

Yes, we made it @vikicommunity! It has officially been a year (as for me) that you’ve decided to let abusers roam free on this website! Congratulations!

Here’s what it amount to for only one contributor, that I’m going to call monster_of_sky: 5 CMs, 35 Moderations, 3 Edition, 40 subtitling jobs, 81 120 subtitles for just one of them! Well done!

It’s no surprise Cm are having a hard time finding French Moderators.
Every capable contributor is leaving…

But see you again in one year’s time, right?


I chuckled loudly reading the title of this thread. I knew exactly what it was about :joy:


So did I :sweat_smile:


Poor French community :disappointed:
I can’t imagine how French subtitles look now. My best wishes to the remaining French vikiers who are still fighting for quality.

We did communicate Viki about it but in the end they have the final decision on this matter.
Oh well… I guess they still want to let the French abusers keep going on causing chaos here and there :unamused: The result will definitely not look good but it won’t be our fault :sunglasses:


We warned them, but since they won’t do anything and aren’t a reliable support, they’ll be kept out of the equation now.

I invite everyone who has a report open for more than a year to write it underneath!