Death Note


NTV network announce their adaptaition of this manga. Premiere is set to this summer. Confirmed actors are Kubota Masataka (Light), Yamazaki Kento (L) and Yuki Mio (Near). Do you think this is good idea to make new version of ‘Death Note’? Or, maybe it’s pointless. I wish, it will be drama of the year.



I have no hope that a live action death note will outdo the animation. Having had watched the animation, I will not watch the live action show. If there are people who haven’t watched the animation, I guess they could watch it.


I LOVED Yamazaki Kento as L…he was sexy, witty and had a killer glare and smile…I haven’t watched the anime since I fell in love with L in live action :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do not know how this old topic got resurrected, but yes, Death Note - both the anime AND the live action are excellent!

neither ending through really did the series justice.

Absolutely enthralling on both the anime and series. :).



I recommend the Live Action Drama Series from Death Note to everyone. :thumbsup:
It’s really great from the beginning till the end. Every Death Note Fan has to watch it! :slight_smile: