Desperately looking for the name of this kdrama

Hi everyone, hopefully someone will be able to help find this kdrama I watched in 2017, I searched everywhere :sob:
So basically, two girls are witnessing a murder, while hidden in a bush. Unfortenately, the murder hears them, because of one of their phones, and threatens them.
Later on, the murder is arrested and brought to justice, but they lack of evidences. Those two girls swear to each other they will testify against him, but only one came to the trial (the main character). Thanks to her testimony, the murder is sent to jail, but he swears he’ll find her when he’ll get out of jail, and he’ll get revenge.
After that, this girl become a lawyer.
That’s more or less everything I can remember (I also believe the murder, once free again, kidnapp the main character’s mother but that’s not sure).
I hope it’s enough information, love y’all :heart_hands:


Ι can hear your voice


I was just about to comment this drama.

Its sucta great drama that I saw it when I was younger and have never been able to forget it.


I think I can hear your voice , that one was so good, wish I could find the older version of who are you. oops I can hear your voice

try YT, I haven’t looked on there yet.

I Hear Your Voice is available on Viki. One of my favourite series.

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