Did Advance Bravely complete or was it cut off by the CCP

I watched Advance Bravely on YouTube by hunting down episodes. However, at the end it just stopped and then there were anime episodes.

Was the series actually completed. I see that Viki has 30 episodes so far.

What was the backstory on this series. I might watch it again because Viki will have better translations.

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Nevermind everyone. On mydrama list it shows 30 episodes and the series just abruptly ended.

It changed bcuz of the CPP. It was supposed to air 2017 with all episodes and more to the series but bcuz of the whole thing with Addicted they had to redo some scenes and secretly air it in Taiwan. It was a mess tbh. After Addicted was stopped by the CPP they came up with restrictions regarding LGBTQ+ themes movies/tv shows, so now everything is censored like the The Untamed and Word of Honor.

It was sad bcuz Addicted hit hard, everyone wants the proper ending and despite not getting the full series it still one of the best. Addicted and Advance Bravely are written by the same author Chai Jidan, they also made Counter Attack into a series. Image what we could’ve gotten if the CPP didn’t get involved :sob:

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Do you know where I can watch The Untame uncensored?, it’s on Netflix but I don’t know if it’s the censored version, because when they censor that type of series, some scenes don’t make sense :frowning:

P.s. What is CPP?

When I say censored i mean that the series isn’t BL it’s bromance. The novel is BL but the series isn’t bcuz it was censored. The Untamed aired on viki so it should still be on viki but it’s the same things on Netflix maybe just the translation may be a bit different. Viki translation may be better because it keeps it a lot closer to the meanings in the Novel than Netflix translators.

P.s. CCP stands for Chinese Communist Party (the chinese gov)


Do you happen to know if you can get the Untamed or Word of Honor novels in an English translation? I would really love to read both of these. Thanks

The Untamed has an official English translation of the Novel. The Fan translations have been taken down because they want us to support the author. You can find Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (The Untamed) novel on ■■■■■■ ( it’s 5 volumes you have to buy them separately). You can find Faraway Wanderers (Word of Honor) on WebNovel; just search for it online you might find it on many websites, you could also check NovelUpdates to see if they have it.

Just noticed it blocked out the name “WébNovél”