Did anyone ever have a company send them one of their products? If so what company and what did they send you?

After thinking about the things I have in my room and closet, I realized that there’s only one thing that was sent to me without me paying for it. Vans sent me a pair of shoes for free! The only thing is, it’s not my size…it’s the thought that counts tho.

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Viki with their QC gifts, posters an prizes I won during contests.


I use to join giveaways for a chance to read advance copies of novels. I won several ARCs and autographed copies. It was fun at the time. They were sent in exchange for a book review on Amazon/Goodreads.

Another product was Nature’s Gate full bottle shampoo and conditioner. Also in exchange for a review. They were actually nice products so I didn’t mind leaving a review.


Omg- can you send me the website or app for the book review thing…? I’m interested now!

Goodreads (app/website) has giveaways all the time. You can enter for a chance to win whatever books they have available. It’s usually ARCs or upcoming releases. It’s hard to win for a while though. There’s THOUSANDS of people who enter.

Another way is checking out the publishers websites for giveaways/contests. You can subscribe to their newsletter for updates on events. Also, follow their facebook pages for announcements.

Lastly, you can always just google, “free book giveaways” and check out legitimate sources. (This you’ll have to do at your own discretion) If you prefer a certain genre just type in, “free ____ books giveaways” This will bring up sites that review books and sometimes they host giveaways. etc

I have tried all these methods in the past.

Other ways I won autograph copies were directly from my favorite authors themselves. A lot of them are very active on facebook. They have giveaways every time they release a new book.


Okay, tysm!!!

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