Did "Nice Guy" license... end?

well, just curious because, a couple months ago i watched the entire series on Viki, and then i went back now and it says its not available in my region. i also tried can you hear my heart and the same thing happened, when some days i was able to watch it and other days it wasnt available in my area. any news on this?

Hmm… I can still watch it… maybe it’s a bug?

Did you favorite the channel? If the license for your country really ended, the channel manager might have sent a message to the followers…

Hello. You’re in US or?

Videos are not available in Europe, but ok if you’re a QC.

Just a temporary glitch?

now, i go on the viki page and it doesnt even show up when i type it in “search”. so i press “view results” and it says " sorry,this content is not available in your region." so i click episode 1 and…

@eurasia :frowning: i did have it favorited, but it tells me to favorite it to get notified once it becomes available… so i favorited it again. ill check my messages…

@bozoli yes, im in the US.
im just worried this will happen with more dramas. is it possible for a bug to change my area/location in viki? where do i confirm my area?

Hmm… maybe you could check by looking at the page of another drama that is only licensed in America (and for QCs). Check if you CAN see that one…

well i tried another drama and it plays… O.O dont know whats happening lol

And The Innocent Man still doesn’t work?

nope T.T i dont understand. well its not that bad since i already watched the drama, but since i wanted to rewatch it sometime soon it sucks :confused:

Hm, I think the license for America ended. I checked the comments, and it seems like you’re not the only one who suddenly can’t watch it anymore…

AISH!! T.T NOOOOOO!!! really? thats so unfortunate :frowning: well, thanks for telling me then. good thing i watched it when i did, guess im gonna have to watch it somewhere else when i want to rewatch things. hope that doesnt start happening to the dramas on my list that i havent watched yet O.O

thanks for responding to me btw :slight_smile:

Hihi, no problem ^^

I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like it…

Well, did you see the list of dramas that will probably expire soon? If some of those are on your watch-list, I’d recommend you to watch those first :smile:

i know its so unfortunate and it really sucks :confused: is there any full list somewhere where they have all of them? i heard of allot on discussions, just curious as to if there’s an official list somewhere. and thanks so much i will. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you can find it in another site. But this is drama is on my top 5 list. It’s a must watch!

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Well… this is the list that I received through a notification:

Couple Fantasy
East of Eden
Jewel in the Palace
Queen of Housewives
Beethoven Virus
Dong Yi
Still, Marry Me
The Great Queen Seon Deok
Kimcheed Radish (aka Kimcheed Radish Cubes)
Assorted Gems
Can You Hear My Heart?
I Love You, Don’t Cry
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
Coffee Prince
Attic Cat
Queen of Reversals
Kanna’s Big Success
Dr. Jin
A Gentleman’s Dignity
I Do, I Do
Bridal Mask

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Thanks for the list!
I lost that notification and now I’m like crazy in a marathon with Bridal Mask :wink:

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There are a lot of dramas on that list that I didn’t watch yet but… I don’t really know which one of those are really good so I don’t know if I’ll watch them…

I’ve finally finished Bridal Mask. It is a very famous one, and as it usually gets very good comments, I always intended to watch it one day… I think it has the same problem as most of the dramas: it gets too milked. The plot is nice, and the two main actors very entertaining indeed, but it has far too many episodes. However, it has a properly wrapped ending, and a good one at that!

I think that from the list, Coffee Prince, and My name is Kim Sam Soon, although already a bit old, they are worth watching. You can still enjoy them and have some laughs.

Not many people liked A Gentleman’s Dignity. It’s true that she behaves like a 12 year old girl, and the scenes are overworked, but, still, it is a very romantic and funny drama that I enjoyed.

I hope to have helped you a bit.

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I might rewatch some scenes from Bridal Mask.
And I never finished Coffee Prince so maybe I should watch it again from the beginning. I heard some good things about My Name Is Kim Sam Soon too.
Thank you ^^

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thats soooo unfortunate TT.TT i hope they will renew the licenses soon because there’s nothing like the timmed comments xD thanks for this!

O.O omgosh you must!! i mean, if you want to of course, but they are both some of the best dramas out there and classic. you wont regret it, and they will give you a good laugh too xD i want to rewatch both! and ive already rewatched coffee prince a bunch of times, been dying to rewatch kim sam soon again. u will fall for hyun bin, (Gong yoo too!)

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Haha more reasons to watch those dramas ^^ And coffee prince might be better with timed comments :stuck_out_tongue: (Actually I don’t really remember why I stopped watching it… :/)

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