Did Viki change something?

Why is it that for every project that I have previously volunteered in I know have to ask the Channel Manager for permission to subtitle. Before I received the ‘GO’ from my moderator and I would go to the discussion board {to which it won’t even allow me to do that} and subtitle. Now it doesn’t let me do anything. What happened?

Yep, they’re implementing a “designated translator” thing, like they’ve had for segmenters. For any on-air channels, you need to be added to the team by a manager/moderator before you’re allowed onto the episodes.

If you’re working on live channels, you should contact your language mod and have them add you as a designated subber - and then you should be fine. (I assume.)

So I have to send a message to EVERY language moderator I have for all my project telling them that I need to be added to the team, or do I go to the Channel Manager?

I think the designated subber is only on channels where the show is currently airing on TV as well.

I only know about it from the QC newsletter… But as moderators can add segmenters, I assume they can add subbers as well. And it makes more sense to contact your language mod, I think. So I’d probably start with the moderators.

Edit – Here’s the snippet about it from the newsletter…if you wanted to know or something.

We recently announced two new features for on-air channels: Designated Subtitlers (which locks the Subtitle Editor to team members only) and Subtitling Tools Chat. While Chat is now live (you can find it on the subtitling tools), Designated Subtitlers is not – we apologize for the previous miscommunication. The Designated Subtitler feature will go live in the next few days.

In preparation for the Designated Subtitlers feature, please continue to add community members to your Channels. To add a future Designated Subtitler: Open the Subtitle Editor, click More >> Manage Video, and add a username to the Team List on the right side.

Okay. Thank you. Since I’m not a QC I wasn’t aware of the recent changes Viki had. Thanks again.