Did VIKI give the annual gifts to QCs last year?

Same here, haven’t received one. But I did receive the PM saying there will be a virtual gift for QCs, so I guess it will take some time.

I think it’d be hilarious if they waited a half a year to send last year’s gift.

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yes, they said it was changed to a virtual gift and ask us to check if the email address we gave was correct, but it’s already Feb and nobody updated us…please viki team answer!

me neither

I got the same messages. The first was to ask for a mailing address to send the gift and the second to announce that it was going to be an online gift of some kind, but nothing ever arrived in mailbox or emailbox.

did someone actually get it???

I asked Viki and they said they had technical issues which are resolved now so we should get our gift soon. No idea how soon.

I wonder what it is…


o_O I’m curious now, again!

Finally they did send it… A gift voucher for a QC store. The things I like are either cheaper or more expensive then the amount we got. I don’t want to pay a lot extra since then it doesn’t feel as a gift to me… Lucky we still have some time to decide.

What are you all going to pick?

I’ve got it too. Yep, I won’t use it, so Viki saved 11 bucks. Or a T-shirt so someone else might buy it. :expressionless:
Is it maybe because of the increasing number of QCs that they don’t send things, like before? Maybe the shipping costs were too big, which I understand. But, honestly, I would have been more grateful for a “thank you” e-card. Or an attachment to that email with a poster or such, because what we do is volunteering, we don’t become QCs in order to buy mugs or T-shirts.
Anyway, last year’s thank you card was very sweet and I in return thank Viki for that.

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I wonder if multiple codes are redeemable in one transaction. If anyone is willing to forgo their code, feel free to contact me.

Can somebody probably clarify the following sentence for me: Shipping costs are not included.
Does that mean that I can buy a 11$-T-Shirt and pay for the 18.50$ (in my case there would be shipping costs of 7.50$) with the coupon or does that mean that even if I only buy a 11$-T-Shirt I will have to pay for the shipping myself?

Yes, you pay the shipping costs.

Let’s say you buy a 11 $ T-shirt, which means that out of the total cost (product price+shipping costs) you will have a discount of 11 $. So for a 11$ T-shirt you would pay only the shipping costs.

Okay, great, so it’s not a present but a shameless way to earn more money from their QC’s while they are already living off of their contributions… Well played, Viki! -.-


Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they did this to earn some money. They would in fact be losing money if all QCs would buy something from the store, since the coupon is for 11$ and most shipping costs are around 7-8 $.
It’s just that they give you a product for free (since most QC products are 11$), but you’ll have to pay the shipping costs.
That’s why I said in an earlier post, they should have given something symbolic, just as a thank you. Because this way, with the different shipping costs, people will pay more or less, so it isn’t quite right.

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you can’t add more than one coupon.

shipping cost is the same for me too $7.50. I had a go to see how much it would cost me but what I don’t get is that the site automatically adds shipping costs as $4.99
so when I apply the code though I have noted it is international shipping cost, it doesn’t update the cart, it still shows as I have to pay $4.99.
I haven’t done the purchase, but because of this, now I’m wondering… does that mean that if I go ahead it would cost me $12.49 ($4.99 + $7.50?)

There must be some kind of glitch. First check [Technical Problems with your order][1]
and if that doesn’t work, mail Viki, either the store’s email or the QCs’ email.
And also be careful since you can’t use the code in another purchase, make sure it isn’t seen as already used.

Or… and this is just wishfull thinking, maybe QCs have a universal shipping cost frozen at 4.99$. But surely is just a glitch.
[1]: http://vikiqc.spreadshirt.com/shop/help/index/categoryId/6#jumpto31

Oh my I didn’t even got the coupon :cry:

Surely you’ll get the e-mail soon. The discount is available until April 30th.