Did VIKI give the annual gifts to QCs last year?

I received a mail saying it would be sent by email but I haven’t received anything yet!

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I’m sorry to seem like such a noob, but what is this “QC” everyone talks about so often?

Qualified Contributor. It’s an official segmenter, subber or translator for VIKI.

How does one become that?

Giving Qualified Contributor (QC) status to volunteers is our way of recognizing the most passionate, active and supportive members of the community, or those who consistently contribute, and have written at least 3,000 high-quality sentences or cut 2,000 segments.

Being a QC on Viki means:

Global video viewing: Most videos on Viki are not available globally due to license restrictions; however, QCs are able to contribute to and watch most videos, regardless of regional availability. Because our QCs are the best in the world, this also helps ensure quality subtitles in multiple languages.
Tickets to concerts and events: We often get tickets to special events, premiers and concerts; we give these to QCs in the event region whenever possible.
Exclusive gifts, games and prizes: Receive occasional QC-only gifts and prizes and play games only available to QCs.
Official certification for students and professional translators: For those looking for experience on resumes and college entrance applications, we can provide an official certificate of your contributions on Viki.
Early access to information about shows, product updates and more: Receive a regular email newsletter that includes information about upcoming titles, product releases and much more. You learn about it before anyone else does.
More perks coming soon!

PS: Numa nota pessoal, eu vi que você é nova aqui. Bem vinda à equipe da Língua Portuguesa! Se você precisar de qualquer ajuda, basta me mandar uma PM.

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Neither have I, not that I was expecting anything.

I was also wondering what happened. They announced through PM that we would get a gift through mail addresses, but nothing happened. Can please somebody explain? It’s OK not to get anything, I just would like that to be clarified. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I remember them saying something about a virtual gift this year. I don’t remember what it was though…

I didn’t recieve it either. I also got the e-mail but well! haha

Has anyone recived the gift?

Same here, haven’t received one. But I did receive the PM saying there will be a virtual gift for QCs, so I guess it will take some time.

I think it’d be hilarious if they waited a half a year to send last year’s gift.

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yes, they said it was changed to a virtual gift and ask us to check if the email address we gave was correct, but it’s already Feb and nobody updated us…please viki team answer!

me neither

I got the same messages. The first was to ask for a mailing address to send the gift and the second to announce that it was going to be an online gift of some kind, but nothing ever arrived in mailbox or emailbox.

did someone actually get it???

I asked Viki and they said they had technical issues which are resolved now so we should get our gift soon. No idea how soon.

I wonder what it is…


o_O I’m curious now, again!

Finally they did send it… A gift voucher for a QC store. The things I like are either cheaper or more expensive then the amount we got. I don’t want to pay a lot extra since then it doesn’t feel as a gift to me… Lucky we still have some time to decide.

What are you all going to pick?

I’ve got it too. Yep, I won’t use it, so Viki saved 11 bucks. Or a T-shirt so someone else might buy it. :expressionless:
Is it maybe because of the increasing number of QCs that they don’t send things, like before? Maybe the shipping costs were too big, which I understand. But, honestly, I would have been more grateful for a “thank you” e-card. Or an attachment to that email with a poster or such, because what we do is volunteering, we don’t become QCs in order to buy mugs or T-shirts.
Anyway, last year’s thank you card was very sweet and I in return thank Viki for that.

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