Did Wild Romance loose its American license?

was fixen to rewatch and now it’s not available in my area anymore.

Viki is changing the appearance of the channels the past days.
I had several channels saying not available in my area but when I am starting a video it is playing just fine.

So my question to you would be, have you tried starting the videos, or just take it as a given that they would not be available?

I am living in Germany, so I can’t say anything about the American license but it just looks the same to me.

i know that’s why I clicked on the video. I’m guessing they lost it not that long ago because I checked last week and it was working. Someone left a comment on the first episode that has watched it multiple times saying they couldn’t watch it anymore,but they live in Brazil. So I’m assuming they lost the license.

Well, then …
But it is not on the list of expiring licenses for this coming May.


Then again that is no warranty that the drama will stay. Try it in a bit (2-3 days) again, maybe it is only a glitch. Or you can write to the HELP CENTER but the time to wait for an answer increased a lot.

Just checking in-- In the US, and I get the same message.
I tried a few hours ago and the episodes played fine, but they don’t now.

Lol I know I messaged them about an issue last week and they never answered but it was resolved. I remember reading that post about the dramas.

I know. Baby Faced beauty and Taming the Heir seem to have lost their license as well.

looks like they did I haven’t tried watching it yet