Did you guys ever faced partiality in you life

Let’s get to know each other.
First of all I am an Indian.My name is Swasti. Here i want to share my some sad moments with you guys…
Two years ago ,inter house competition held in my school . I loved to sing but but you know what :frowning: I was pulled out from my team just because a member so called great ,great singer disliked me .
You guys know what i was not happy just because i was pulled out from my team , its because of that singer and even our teacher who was the incharge of our team she also took her side…
that was my most unluckiest day ever i have seen in my life…

I hope guys you can also share your sad moments here so that your heart become light.


here in the USA theres a lot of that, sorry for that, but you just keep going on, let it go!!


All I can tell you is: Don’t stop doing what you love :heartbeat:

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You know, that is a terrible thing to get pulled out just because some jerk does not like you, but politics always suck. You may not have been on that team but that has nothing to do with your singing ability. SING ANYWAY! Don’t let them stop you!

Me? Well, not really sad because I was considered a defiant agitator who would not stay ‘in her place’. :laughing: (I got sent to the principle’s office a lot.:sunglasses:) In my case, I was not allowed to take Art class because the art teacher told me directly that I had no talent. They would not let me take auto shop either because I am female. The principle, who annoyed my mom by calling me a ‘brilliant underachiever’, told me directly, "All you’ll ever be good for is a secretary. " I told him, “I’ll be damned if I’ll be anyone’s secretary.” walked out of his office and promptly, ‘forgot’ how to type. So, later, when the industry advanced, I got a degree in Applied Electronics! (Damn! I was an arrogant, willful kid!) :smile: Actually I was very nice except I had zero bullshit tolerance.

They would not let the girls in track do pole vault either in those days - because, “women do not have the necessary upper arm strength.” (1969) I was in track back when the ‘Fosbury Flop’ was the new thing in high jump. The PE teacher wanted us to jump the funky straddle way (You can’t get decent height that old fashioned way. But several of us (me too) l ran up shouting “Fosbury flop” and did the flop instead. I could easily clear my height back then. (Not anymore - too much manteca :rofl:) But times change, they’ve dropped a lot of the sexist junk at school and now they allow all that stuff they used to deny to women.

Fosbury Flop

You’ll have to look at it on YouTube.

I used to love playing field hockey (shiny) but the teacher took away our sticks because some sissy girls complained when we mowed them over. :rofl: We told them, “Move!” but they tried to block us. Such is life. :rofl: I mean really! If you don’t want to play, get the hell outta the way! :laughing: Yea, We didn’t necessarily play by lame rules . It was a free for all. :rofl: What’s even funnier is some of my friends would wear nylons in PE and of course they’d get a run but they’d only complain about the run and keep on going. Suck it up or get outta the way!

Let this go. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Hope you’re okay now. Cheer up!!
Life always gives a second opportunity :heart::heart: