Different Types

Okii… This game is for your opinion, Yhu have List Them In a Theme… You do all of them if you want or one… Yhu can not pick the same person for the same Theme… So The 5 Theme’s are

  1. Hot Bad Boy
  2. Sweet/Caring
  3. Childish
  4. Fighter/Player
  5. Serious!.. List Them… For Example …
    Bad Boy List -
  6. Jang Geun Suk
  7. No Min woo
  8. kim woo Bin
  9. Lee Min Ho
  10. Jung il woo

wait, do you have to pick one category, then list them? or a list for all 5 categories…

Noo… if u want u can do all of them… Ndd Yhur actors can not be more than 5 … ndd u cant pick the same person 2 times

wow,thats hard. okay xD sounds fun! im going to work on my list now…

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Hahah… Okii… Guud luck

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i know almost all of them, but i might not have seen them all on kdramas, so some i will guess. okay here it is…
my bad boy list is:

2.Kim woo bin
3.kim hyung joong
4.Hyun Bin
5.No min woo


5.lee jong suk

hold on im still doing the other ones… its hard cuz some dont fit into the other categories lol

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Childish(but not at all bad, cute i might add):

1.Yoon shi Yoon
2.lee hong ki
4.minhyuk (in heartstrings character)
5.Joo won

1.Jung il woo
2.kim bum
3.jay park
4.(guy next to key on the right i forgot his name. which drama is he from again?)
5.jang wooyoung


1.Kim soo hyun
2.Lee min ho
3.jang guen suk
4.minho (choi) btw i dont think he’s that serious now, but a bit serious, and since i cant find any other categories that isnt filled lol
5.minhyuk! (cnblue, i see you added him twice ^ ^)

OMG i did it yayyyy! that was hard lol


hot bad boy and fighter/player can form a single theme.

Song Joong Ki … Innocent Man

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Bad Boy angel

Good bad boy






  • magnetic = lot of sex appeal :slight_smile:
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How u do that check?

It’s a Photoshop’s basic shape tool.

There are 25 actors & singers and I have to divide them into 5 groups. It’s hard … :slight_smile:

1st group (charismatic, sexy and mysterious)  :  Lee Jong Suk, Hyun Bin, Yoo Seung Ho , Kim Soo Hyun, Kang Ma-Roo

2nd group (serious)  : Lee Min Ho , Choi Min Ho, Jung Yong-hwa,  Kim Woo-Bin,Jay Park
(I know, full of tattoos and wanting to impress … but my 6th sense tell me this is a serious guy. Same for Woo-Bin)

3rd group  : No min woo , Joo Won, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jong il Woo, Kang Min- hyuk, Jang Woo young, Kim Bum

4th group (caring): Jang Geun Suk,Lee hong ki,Kim Jonghyun,Kim Hyung Joong

5th group (childish)  : Key, Taemin, Onew, Lee Gi-wang,

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GASP! this is yoo seung ho in the 1st picture?!!! i thought it was minhyuk! (since its so small) i found a bigger version okay:

i love him, would either put him in the sweet and caring group or the serious group.

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