(Dis)advantages of different social/political systems


I’m replying here because the other thread is TV show related but since you directly wrote to me I want to reply as well.

Democracies are falling down, world wide, newer systems are more autocratic. Democracy is not Socialism it’s capitalism. Just because people vote doesn’t mean they (=all people) actually rule. There has been an incident few years ago within a democracy that the leading politician just IGNORED all laws & rules, the national and also the international (EU laws). The result is that the OWN people felt betrayed and since then the right-wings become stronger and stronger. Would have been nice if we really were “mob ruled”. That would’ve meant we (=the people) actually are asked and do have some true influence about topics that are quite relevant for us and do influence our society and life a lot - but no. We can vote but we are never asked. We cannot even make new elections when the party/politicians do what they want and don’t keep their election promises.

Talking about regulations you should think about the USA’s tax system. Do you think it is a good idea that amazon did pay 0% tax within the USA in 2018 while making $ 11 billions profit. How much more freedom for business companies do you want?