DISABLING DARK MODE / Option To Choose Between Light & Dark Mode

A petition relative to the same issue was posted on the Discussions platform about a year ago, yet it seems to have not yielded any results.

I am not asking to replace the Dark Mode by the Light Mode; I am asking for the switch button, giving the user the choice to make the most appropriate selection for them, returned to the top of the page.

This is not merely a matter of aesthetics (namely the appearance of profile pages, etc). It is also a source of a great visual discomfort for many of us, with some even reporting more serious eyesight issues with a regular and extended use of the site in Dark Mode.

Viki, please show us that you would not maintain anything that you know is impacting the health and well-being of the subscribers and visitors of your site.


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At this point, we need a collective voice, users on Viki are so many of us, if we all banded together in a collective sign off, we’d at least get their attention. Unfortunately, we are all divided. The divide, and conquer way of thinking, is working out quite well for those behind the scene of Viki, when it comes to subscribers. ʕಠ_ಠʔ

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Naaah! Being united is certainly a prerequisite, but it’ not always enough. Remember my petition for universal QC access on geo-restricted dramas, back in the summer of 2019? I posted it in Help, and it got a staggering 3000+ vote in a few days. It seemed everyone agreed on that, even people who were not volunteers, because they understood that it would help dramas get subbed more quickly. But yet nothing happened. To be fair, this didn’t depend only on Viki, as they had to get the OK from the content providers. Whereas the dark/white mode is a cosmetic change, easy for them, depends only on them, thus much easier to implement. I wish they would! After all, many sites, social media platforms and most forums give you that choice (FB is one I can think of, but there are many others)

There would be a little issue, though. Most of us have now changed the colours for our profile page, because when it was switched from white to black, the letters couldn’t be seen. Cursing, we made the font colour light, so that it would look good on a black background. If someone visiting our page has light mode enabled, they couldn’t read the text. If this changing switch was implemented, we would have to choose colours that look good both on white and on black. It’s not that difficult to do, but Viki should incorporate a “preview in light mode” and “preview in dark mode” to the profile page maker, so that it can be pleasing whatever the visitor has chosen for his browser.


Excellent suggestion! I really like the idea of having a preview setting incorporated in the profile page editor. I am not sure whether anyone will pay attention to this, let alone implement the requested change, but it does not hurt to try.

Thank you so much for your input dear. I hope you have been well.


@vikicommunity, @brendas,

The majority of my viewing on my device, is in dark mode, by choice. I’d love the return of the switch to choose dark mode.


I forgot about this thread and yes it is still valid… with age the darkness makes it harder to read and to see thanks god google has the switch… as soon it get’s dark and I have to find something I have to use flashlight to see better, I don’t have bright lamps, cos just too bright or the led light is quite unpleasant.


Yes, would like to have the option back.


Too bad it’s not permanent. Should be easy for the staff to make a toggle button.