Disappointed in "updated" Viki mobile app for Android

DIY attempts to resolve the issue.
I have emailed the devs for the Viki mobile app for Android.
I have ran two different speed tests to verify my network connection speed is strong without any hiccups.
I have cleared my memory and cache on my phone.
I have moved my Viki mobile app from my SD card back to my phone’s main storage.
I have uninstalled, cleaned residual folders and reinstalled the Viki mobile app.

Yet nothing will repair/restore my Viki mobile app back to the flawless operation it once was before the new UI update we received through Google Play. I’m so disappointed as the Viki app was the best around in my opinion (before this new UI).
Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s better that’s for sure proven in this instance. When I went back to Google Play to edit my review in hopes that the devs would notice the glitch/bug notations, I was taken aback with how many users had also edited their own reviews for the app, all echoing my same sentiments regarding this new UI and the problems that have come along with it. almost everyone has now changed from 4-5 stars to 2-1 stars. It’s really sad. Please Viki devs provide the mobile users with a retro version of the mobile app until you are able to resolve the bugs/glitches of the new UI version. I really miss the old one and Viki has been for me that ‘old faithful’ never failing to play videos of the latest shows.
Thanks for your attention to this matter. =D

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The devs are too busy to do testing. That’s what the users are for.

actually the devs replied within a reasonable amount of time and the problem was resolved. within 48 hrs.