Discord Joining

Hey Yall.
The Discord for Viki contributors thats been made is about to become a thing,
there was some talk about it a while ago,
about people didnt want to join, but this time, theres been some who joined.
And we would like to see more of you all if you would like too be a part of it.
I dont know if you have read anyelasspace post about it.
But if you are interested, please let us know. Have a great day/night! : )


Would you happen to have a link to her post please?

Hey, to her post on here or to the Discord?

To her post on here please? I attempted to look her up but unfortunately, I am brand new here and still attempting to learn the interface of this forum. Any help you can give is appreciated. Thank you.

Viki Unofficial Community Discord - General Discussion - Viki Discussions
Thats okay. : )
I think thats the right link to the post : ) :face_with_monocle:


Thank you for your help Callieseier!

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You are welcome ! : )

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