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Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing good. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m Alina and I’m fairly new to Viki. Its been only couple of months but needless to say I do love this community quite a lot already and I admire people of this community for the efforts they put.

I do love most functions of Viki and how it brings people together, and I’ve been wondering how could I add to this community as well for some time. I’ve set up community servers before on Discord, mainly gaming related, and I am aware that Discord is not so known except for gamer community, but I came up with an idea to make our job as subtitle team much easier by using discord.

I’ve been using this app/website for studying purposes as well and I think it would make a great place to communicate for us subtitle community. Basically the purpose here is to make communication and finding teams easier so it would save much time (which we can use to focus on translation and segmenting instead!)

For those who are new to Discord, I’ll try to explain shortly. Discord is not in any way a service to stream TV Shows/Movies. (and you can always reach out to me if you got questions.)

Discord is basically a very well organised website/app mainly created for gamers to communicate but now many community has their servers set on it. It allows in-time chat without needing to refresh the page, can create group chats or servers and share images/gifs and more. Servers on Discord are easy to personalise and you basically create “roles” (such as languages, mods, subtitlers etc in our server i’ve created recently) and then I set up some reaction-role bot to allow people to choose their language and titles. So lets say X person is a Turkish mod, they get to assign themselves with Turkish and Moderator roles, which grants them permission for Turkish channels to find people in their language and make it easy to create a team. Pictures below may give you a small idea what it looks like (admin view, categories appear and disappear depending on the roles you assign yourself.)


It may sound a little confusing first and people have their prejudices about making an account, but Discord is an app for desktop and mobile but also is accessible on web. I think it would be a great help to have members of our community in this server, so whenever a channel manager is looking for teammates, they wouldnt have to go around and ask one by one, instead we can tag everyone to see who is interested and set up a team quickly. Also special channels for mutual words, important details, OST etc can be created to allow team/language groups to just see everything in one place instead of taking notes, creating tons of word docs and such.

Only purpose of this idea is to benefit VIKI Rakuten community and nothing else. This server is not officially affiliated with Viki( though it would be cool to see Viki staff here as well!) This app or server does not require any sort of payment or such, and again it is not a service/app to stream any TV Shows/movies nor it is allowed to share any personal information. It will strictly follow Viki’s terms and has no monetary benefits.

The link for the server is: you can also use click to “+” sign which is “add a server” and click “join a server” and use SuEUz4Qb87 code in case you do not want to click to links for safety reasons.

This is just a quick intro, so if you have questions, please reach out on here or discord. You can add me on discord using anyelasspace#6712 (discord is cap sensitive so just copy paste, numbers included.) Have a great day everyone! :black_heart::purple_heart:

(I have read the Viki Terms prior posting this but if this in any way staff thinks it violates Viki’s ToS, I will immediately remove this post. Thank you for your hard work!)


I think there already was a discord server, but people weren’t interessted, so it died.
There was also a discussion about it from many different perspectives, but I guess it got deleted?


I’ve checked to see if there is any server but I couldnt find one, thats why I decided to create one, thank you for letting me know! Well, I hope we can spread the word and get more people interested in this because it would be a literate life-saver for such platform, as long as the server is properly categorised and handled! :hatching_chick:


It really looks like the one we saw a few months (?) ago.
The biggest reason people weren’t keen on it, because they had to yet check on another platform.
I think the creator deleted it, the discord I mean, for the Viki topic? I don’t know, maybe it was deleted by Viki staff on request?


I totally get people not wanting to check another platform, which is probably the biggest reason as you say so. Tho since its now works almost as smooth on web as the app i think its just another tab on the browser, no need to install the app plus notifications makes it much better to reach out to one another i think. For now some people seem to be interested in joining, hope we can get more people warm up to the idea :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


Wait and see, that’s how it was last time too, but many people are already organized in groups.

But I have a question: Wasn’t it you who tried this last time as well, because …
Last time there was no introduction - now there is.
Last time there were no screenshots - now there are.

Just wondering because this seems so similar.


I guess that what we will do, hehe. And nope, I’ve only started subbing on Viki like around October…i think?
I’m not sure who was it last time bc I didnt even know there was an attempt done before. I wanted to clarify it all shortly with screenshots here because I myself am a quite suspicious person and I wouldnt encourage people to click on random links-its internet and just not safe to do without knowing what you clicking to, lol.


There was a server, but it fizzled out because getting all the volunteers to be on both Viki and Discord was a pretty inefficient task. For volunteer work, a server seems useless, but there is one for drama lovers to schedule Watch Parties together.


Thank you for the info! I couldnt get the link you shared work, could you send me an invite maybe, i’d love to join! Also I get your point, for me its just much simple to use discord as team discussions page+translator group chat bc we often need to create new message groups here on viki whenever someone new joins the team so we need to make a list or keep checking different chats for mutual words all the time. (before remembering i could use discord I was keeping OST/Mutual words and all in word docs saved) Plus theres no notifications here and if im focused on translating I dont go refreshing page to check if theres a new message usually, with discord I at least get notification haha. Its just me and my OCD maybe but still this is a convenient for me to keep everything in one place and also to be able to chat with people easier and just wanted to offer it to people who’d also like the idea, if they find it useful :black_heart:


Hello! I was the one who had this initiative a few months ago, more exactly at the beginning of my activity. Since most of the volunteers were not interested, I gave up the server and shut it down. There was no request from Viki. I simply realised that it was very difficult to do anything about it. And, of course, it will only have a bigger impact if it comes from Viki.

Personally, I’ve come to terms with the fact that Viki doesn’t seem to be planning a major change in the way the community is organised and the ways we have to communicate. I’m not saying the current platform isn’t good, but it lacks a lot of options.

There are so many great messaging and forum solutions out there, but Viki seems to be stubbornly trying to stay behind and not keep up with the technological solutions offered nowadays. If I were to start talking only about Inbox, I don’t think I’d finish anytime soon. :joy: It’s an extremely primitive platform, compared to the solutions available on the market of communication apps/platforms.

However, hope dies last. Maybe we will have some surprises in this new year. :blush:


I think I’ve messaged you about the server few days ago, I agree that theres some prejudice about this for unknown reasons, maybe its for the reasons we talked about above. Still, just after sharing this post we got couple people interested in (i was not even expecting that much lol) and my language team also planning to get in soon.

You still got the hope? If so please come in, be my guest, be our discord admin too :rofl:

Jokes aside, i think it will kinda have a snowball effect once people from different language pairs join,and tbh new users seem to be into this idea since they also find Viki’s communication side confusing as well. Lets see what happens, good luck to us all :joy:


I’m sorry, I didn’t know how to :sweat_smile:
Here’s the invite link:


Its oki and thank youuu! :hatching_chick:


update: people slowly started to join and I’m quite happy! If you are reading this, come take a look guys! Dm me here or on Discord for any questions you got! :heart:

Discord ID: anyelasspace#6712


update: We have reached over 60+ people in such short time :pleading_face: It is amazing to see new&old members of the community come together to help each other. If you still havent give it a chance, please try&do so! (this community is to help one another, finding teams and anything to make subtitling on viki easier while letting the community engage in peace, using in time chat. )


updates: 1-v 2-v


Splitting the international Viki Community into multiple personal Discord servers appears quite contraproductive for me. Recently it seems that non-volunteers who don’t know anybody / the work proceess of Viki’s Volunteering Community feel the need to open own personal Discord servers all the time.


The other Viki Discord server (that vivi posted) already has over 100 members, including most members someone who’s longer active in this community (as volunteer and in discussions) would know.


Hi there! Seems like you didnt get whats the purpose of these servers exactly are. Drama Lovers server, (whos owner and I are in touch and modding each others servers too) is a server for watch parties and social aspects of the community, for the audience, who like to watch the content on Viki.

The server I own is solely for volunteer tools&topics related. Newbies get to ask questions, and everyone in general help each other about how to subtitle on Viki, without any other distraction. @vivi_1485 is quite lovely person and she has been in both servers and is aware of both server’s purpose.

p.s: I am an active volunteer myself, in case you did not bother to look into my profile, and the server I’ve created is not a personal server either. As i stated, it is to make communication easier for volunteers, and it has been working perfectly fine, so far we got 69 members, and we direct people to Drama Lovers server if they are looking for a social sort of community. I dont mind the numbers as long as I get to help people, we helped people find teams and helped CM/Mods to find team members in this server while senior volunteers helping new volunteers, and even if it helped 1 person only, that would mean a lot to me :slight_smile: I’d love to host you in my server if you would like to take a look before setting your mind:



Hi anyelasspace,

thank you for your explanation!

I think I was on your server at the beginning but it didn’t appear useful somehow, maybe that’s different now (since time has passed).

In which aspects do you think an international volunteer only server is more helpful than Viki’s discussion board here?

I’m asking because I think that many languages already have their OL community message tools, e.g. my language is using two different message systems, some people use both, some just one of it.

Or is your idea mainly focused on the workflow between CM-segmenters-English subbers and OL mods?

Have a nice day :sunny:


Hi there!

Thank you for your reply, you got a point because my server is fairly new and working on it solo takes some time, so it was still in building progress until recently(exams and subtitling took most of my time lel)

I think I’ve tried to explain it but, i think discord is more useful for its tools and functions as well as in-time chat, compared to discussions. It allows you to notify members too so can grant you quick response.

My idea is to focus on the workflow between CM-segmenters-English subbers and OL mods mainly but also if a Language team wants so, we create private rooms for them too. Also its now easy to recruit team members and also newbies find it much easier to find projects thru discord than thru viki(i was lost when i first started lol) this may also be good to differ rookies from fake account when we recruit teammates.

I think you may also saw it in Drama Lovers, theres vc and share screen options so segmenting and subtitling mentors get a place to teach by sharing screens with their students in private rooms.

Hope it clarified it a little. Have a great one too! :black_heart: