Disney's live-action adaptation of ALADDIN

On the heels of soon-to-air (worldwide 3/17) live-action movie adaptation of a well-known fairy tale, ‘Beauty & the Beast’…


Disney is prepping to begin its next live-action movie, Aladdin. Came across this casting call tweet (from a staff member) and thought my fellow Viki parents/pals, esp. those who fit the bill or are from the Mid-East, may like to know, or could pass it on. :slight_smile:


I’m waiting to watch Beauty & the Beast this weekend, and will be waiting for Aladdin to hit the airwaves next year. :clapper: Yup, I’m still a fan of Disney’s productions. You can watch some of them without any need for noggin juice, and still be entertained :wink:

PS: Whatever happens, if you or your contacts take this on, I’d love to hear updates here or via PM. Good luck!

Ha ha, did you notice? Acting skills are not mentioned at all!
If that’s an indication, woe to us…