Disqus comment section blank

No communication in comments possible, because it’s not showing like it did before …
Do you think it is related to GDPR? Or the cookie update?
I changed back and forth but nothing seems to get it back to work :rolling_eyes:

I think so.
I see a white canvas, I wait a little before seeing the loading circle icon and comments show up. Sometimes, it takes longer.

If it doesn’t show anything for ~ 5 min, no loading icon, I have to refresh the page.

Have you checked at least 2 checkboxes when they asked you this? (On Viki Disqus, we had a box with these 3 checkboxes and you have to check at least 2 of them to see comments and use it):


=>Difficult to communicate with ppl through Disqus right now, we’re using PM for the moment.

I found this on Disqus website:

I don’t know if you tried to log in/log out on Viki.

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J’ai eu un message différent : dans le team discussion, on m’a demandé d’accepter les “terms of service”, j’ai cliqué les trois trucs et tout s’est remis à fonctionner normalement dans le team discussion. Par contre, j’ai dû nettoyer mes cookies avant que ça remarche normalement dans les commentaires en dessous des pages de couverture.

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Rien du tout. Nettoyer les cookies, mais c’est change rien.
I never signed up with Disqus directly, I am neither fb & co …
I only got the “cookie box” from Viki.
I see a white canvas and it stays that way. The tab stops loading with the white canvas it doesn’t wait. Refreshing brings no change.

Maybe I will just wait another 2 or 3 days, because I just updated my browser (the problem with the comment section appeared before it), I don’t need the comments urgently so I might just do that and take the trouble of reading Disqus. Well I passed the log in/ log out since Viki was a bit buggy the past days and experience proofs that sometimes logging out at that moment can keep you out for longer.

I will finish watching something before doing that. I will keep you updated, if it changes for the better.

Normally, when we sign in on Viki, they automatically sign us on Disqus (create an account for you) with our Viki ID for Disqus.

When there’s some bug on Disqus integrated on Viki website or when I’m on the same Viki page for a long time, I’m disconnected from my Viki ID Disqus account and automatically logged in with my other Disqus account (that I created on Disqus and not automatically created by Viki for me):

=> another account extern to Viki Disqus can be useful to communicate urgently.

=> I don’t know if creating directly an account on Disqus will help you solve this blank Disqus. If you’re interested in creating an account on Disqus directly to be able to comment on Viki…

Note: you won’t see when people @ you / answer you on your Viki ID Disqus (because you logged in under another Disqus account).
And vice-versa when you come back to your Viki ID Disqus.

=> Viki center if they aren’t already notified.

Good luck with Disqus!

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I think the only thing to do right now is to contact Viki directely because I tried everything, cookies, browsing history, changing browser, connecting to a Disqus account I created there is a long time now etc. It’s been two days I’m trying everything, but nothing is working. I can’t even edit my comments on Team Discussion. (but at least comments of Team Discussion are appearing not like other pages…).

I had this screen in the “team dixussion” and everything works fine for the moment.

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Thank you, this was a good hint. The Update message appears for me too.
When I find the time I will read it.
If all the firms had reacted sooner, since 2 years it’s known, but everyone waited for the 25th May to come. Hurray, it keeps one buzy.

I don’t think it’s a Viki issue since the discussion area is kind of outsourced and handled by Disqus. Since there is a blank space.
Sorry, got to go, thunderstorm is approaching!

Well, don’t know. We will have to wait a bit to see if everything is coming back. And if not, I don’t know what to do. If this is a Disqus problem, everyone should have this bug, no? But some users seem to be able to access to the comments section. So I don’t really know why some people can see comments and others can’t. That’s pretty annoying. Especially for the people like me who are often reading and answering to comments.

@deval_chloe : est-ce que tu as eu le même message que moi ? Celui dont j’ai mis la photo au-dessus ?

@kobolt Oui, et j’ai coché tout et cliqué sur proceed mais les commentaires ne veulent pas s’afficher, il n’y a que les messages en Team Discussion qui s’affichent. Et quand j’écris des commentaires en Team Discussion en général ça ne veut pas les modifier quand je clique sur edit et que j’enregistre la modification.

Après avoir tout cliqué, pour que ça marche, j’ai dû faire un nettoyage par Ccleaner de l’ordi (ce que je fais chaque fois que je suis désespérée quand rien ne marche !). Rien n’a marché avant, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais dès que j’ai fait ça, miracle…

I’m not checking those boxes. I’m not one to care for the comments section anyway. When a person puts the check mark in those boxes they’re agreeing to let them share your info to third parties, and that is unacceptable to me. This need to control people at this site is getting on my nerves already.

Beside, Disqus comment section is for everyone to see, and when I try to put my page private, it never worked.

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got this to and had to agree to read in these treads here…
there was no chance to say no i dont want to agree!!!
i think it´s cause of these european new Data thing xD

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@kobolt Je fais aussi un nettoyage par Ccleaner de l’ordi chaque fois en espérant un miracle, mais rien à faire. Là je l’ai fait aussi, mais ça ne marche toujours pas.
J’ai vraiment tout essayé pour le coup, mais rien ne marche.
Je n’ai plus qu’à espérer que ça remarche bientôt.
Après je m’étais dit que ça venait peut-être de ma connexion étant donné que je suis en vacances et que le réseau ici n’est pas terrible mais vu que d’autres personnes ont aussi ce même problème, je ne sais pas trop.
En attendant je vérifierai les commentaires avec l’application mobile ou en demandant à des amies chez qui ça marche, pas trop le choix. Par contre pour répondre c’est autre chose. ^^

“Normally” it’s not that often. About 1/3 of the times I have to log in to Disqus separately. And the result is that I cannot even edit my own comments because it sees me as a separate person.

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More interested in finding solutions than in problems, that’s why:

if you can’t edit, post a second msg “Edit to msg above”, it makes big blocks but at least, you’re understood, that’s the main objective XD

Yes, of course I do that. Anyway, my username is the same and the disqus avatar is also a cat, albeit a different cat. But it’s annoying if there is a grammar mistake or something that I don’t want people to see, LOL!

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Persos j’ai même pas eu le message que tu as reçu. Du coup je comprenais pas trop ce qui se passait avec la section commentaire