Disqus comment section blank


Ah ça je peux pas te dire pour les chargements, vu que là je suis dans un endroit avec une connexion plus qu’instable. XD Donc pour moi les chargements sont lents à cause de la connexion surtout
Je sais que c’était pas vraiment possible. XD Courage…


J’ai la fibre et viki est le seul site qui met un temps fou à fonctionner. Comme tu dis le chargement des page est hyper long.


Coucou les filles, je confirme pour les temps de chargement de la page qui sont très longs.
Et vu que j’ai CCleaner installé d’office par un informaticien de confiance, à priori c’est pas ça chez moi qui cloche pour les commentaires des pages de couverture.
Mystère et boule de gomme ^^


@charlie40 @deval_chloe
Alors persos le seul moyen que j’ai trouvé pour accéder au commentaire de manière totalement aléatoire c’est d’aller sur la petite bulle qui vous indique quand vous avez des notifications.
D’après ce que je vois certains n’ont pas de problème avec les commentaires car il y a des like ou des réponses sur des commentaires que j’avais posté sur l’un de mes dramas.

Franchement pour l’instant le seul moyen c’est de le faire via la petite bulle, mais seulement là où quelqu’un a commenté ou autre. Donc galère


A moderator got a solution to see comments (to answer though: might need to create another disqus account).

Get the link of the discussion on Disqus by someone who has posted in the discussion and still has access to the discussion (main discussion on drama viki page or any Viki disqus discussion)

that person has to click on her speech bubble to see her history of comments.
Click on “See in discussions” in the discussion you’re interested in.

You arrive on a disqus page with the discussion you looked for.
Filter by newest to see last comment.

The link of the discu is sharable.


D’un autre côté, je vous dirais que les commentaires, moins j’en vois, mieux je me porte… Seul le discussion d’équipe m’est nécessaire. Mais… j’ai accès à tout, impossible de faire semblant de ne pas voir les âneries écrites sur certaines pages. :slight_smile:


I hope Viki will stop using disqus. I don’t want to agree with those terms because I don’t want them to sell or share my information but… Viki leaves me no choice but to accept them because as a volunteer I need to be able to post in the Team Discussion.

Does Viki have any solutions for this? @camiille @anaheli @kris_o @jimmy_l ?


Did someone try to comment at the newer Community page? It knew who I was until I typed a comment, after sending the comment the comment did not show, but told me to sign in, which doesn’t work …


Neither do I, I never made a facebook account because my data seemed as safe “as underwear on the line in the garden”. If I were to agree to those terms, I think, I rather stay mute. As for contributions at Viki, which happens more and more rarely … I will be left to subtitle movies on my own.

P.S. As for a my request, - I would need to look at my emails since I was kicked out and can’t sign back.

P.P.S. I am back in from my profile page …


Hey everyone, sorry to hear about your experience on Disqus! Disqus has acknowledged the issue about the comments section being grayed out, and they seem to be working on it.

In the meantime, you could check out other users’ workaround suggestions or wait for Disqus’ response.

If you’re not seeing the Disqus widget at all and are an EU user, please remember to update your cookies settings on Viki.

The steps are found here. Take note that you only have to activate your cookies under “Social Media” to enable access to Disqus on Viki.

Many thanks,
Siegrid :slight_smile:


When they see that no one will follow the ‘’ click of their ‘’–agreement–’’ or you won’t be able to access disqus, they will have no choice but to let go of that idea. After what happened to me on FB I’m taking no chances. FB used one of my photos to advertise, and I was informed about it and closed the account immediately but have no way of finding out where my photo was used, and if they still using my pic.

Please be careful with this Terms of Service crap.Is just entrapment.

It says I Agree to disqus terms of service but when you click to see what the ‘‘term of services’’ are, it doesn’t bring you to any page that details what these ‘‘terms’’ are.


I was “only using” disqus here at Viki. They want me to sign in with my email account or social account. It wouldn’t work either way and I do not have fb and co. They were not firm enough and it’s always about the things for free you get in life, where you must be most cautious.
Sorry to hear about your fb experience.

@siegrid On the disqus channel it says solved, but it doesn’t appear to be solved at viki. And it’s only greyed out in the subtitle editor for me, at other points it’s the plain white box.


Hey @lutra, would you be able to share screenshots please so we can take a better look? Thanks!


I updated my cookies settings on Viki and now it’s working, thank you @siegrid


Glad to hear that! :slight_smile: Any time!


I saw the update on the other community page and now changing the cookie settings has a visible effect.

However I still have a ticket active at the help center. Where I asked if I need to agree to all 3 points asked by Disqus. And in the past I didn’t have to “create” a Disqus account, since Viki “made” one … (should I call it Viki Disqus ID).

Now, there are some question … What data did Viki give Disqus for letting me use the comment function? Do I now need to create a Disqus account, with all the data they ask for? If so, I am out of the comments. I am sick of 3rd party involvement all around the globe and at the end, no one feels liable. It’s like an unwanted work that roams from one desk in an office to the next. And in the end it is a simple “sorry” with no real consequences.


@lutra Yes I feel you. I already had a disqus account for other sites but Viki also created one for me. And I have some issues with it which cannot be solved by either Viki or Disqus.

The issue I addressed was the fact that outsiders (outside Viki) started to follow my Viki account and I didn’t want that because it’s a Viki account so why should outsiders follow it?! I asked Viki to block the outsiders but they couldn’t because it’s a 3rd party tool. They said I should contact Disqus about it which I did and they said they could only block everyone from following me but that also had some other cons which I don’t remember but they where not handy to have as a volunteer. So I’m still stuck with them and at this point I have 448 followers of which I assume more then 50% are outside stalkers. Why they follow me no idea. And it’s even funnier that some followers did set their disqus to private so they can follow me and read everything I write here but I can’t read anything from their account. Not that I wanted too.
Yes I can manually delete each and every follower but how long will that take me?

Ohh and once Disqus even asked me if the 2 accounts I have could be merged… ehh how about no?!


Hey @lutra

Thanks for the questions!

  1. About the points on Disqus’ terms, as long as Disqus’ “proceed” button is grayed out, you’ll have to tick any remaining options to use their service.

  2. When you create a Disqus account with your Viki account - username, avatar, email and userid will be shared for the purpose of allowing you to use Disqus.

Disqus’ official statement on their updated privacy and GDPR compliace:

Disqus can be reached if you have more questions about their terms or policy at :slight_smile:


I agree.
Their new policy is way to intrusive.I don’t want my email and personal information given out to whom’s not safe.It also will invite all kinds of unsolicited traffic to my account.Now we can’t even discuss new content for licensing.
I think they should get rid of Disgus and find something that is safer for the Viki community.I definitely will not be agreeing to their new policy.People have always been able to see all comments made through Disgus.My email and private information should remain private.


I am pretty bummed out that you can no longer read or participate in comments for up and coming dramas.
Disgus new policies are way to intrusive.
I will not agree to their new policy I want my email and private information to remain private.I also want no unsolicited traffic to my accounts.Viki should get rid of Dsgus and find something safer for comments.