Disqus Tab Issues? II PM EST 10.24.2013

Hi gang, I’m not exactly sure if this is the correct section to add this too but i haven’t been able to find it in the plethora of sections and i have searched even on the help page.
The Disqus tab (the third tab next to community while watching a show episode) is not loading properly. When I click reload it doesn’t respond. and if I refresh after deleting cookies and signing in once again. it still doesn’t load. In the random instance that it does load, it gives me the Disqus UI and requires me to sign in again using one of the acceptable logins even though I am already logged into via Viki. any support in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Disqus is a service viki uses. If there are problems with Disqus viki can’t do anything about it. They don’t have any control over disqus.

This is the current status for disqus, if there are problems or things not working you’ll find up to date info here:

If you look down the page you’ll find that earlier today there was a major outage, so that you had problems with disqus is probably related to that. It’s not uncommon for disqus to have problems with loading (or even saying you need to log in again) just wait a lil bit and try again, if you want to know for sure it’s not your side with the problem check their website.
Hope that helped you ^^