Do all Volunteers Receive The Same Benefits?

For instance, a volunteer from the U.S. will receive access to the Plus Pass content. What do European volunteers receive to make up for this? I suppose it’s not a big deal since Viki is focused primarily on Chinese dramas, while the Plus Pass only guarantees Korean ones.

We receive NOTHING to make up for this. And it IS a big deal for many of us. In my case, I only watch Korean shows - and every time I gave a chance to Chinese ones, I regretted wasting my time.

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Oh, that’s very unfair. On a personal level, I don’t really like the concept of volunteering within the framework of a for-profit company. I hope Viki has plans to remedy this and make everyone feel appreciated for his and her efforts.

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Many German subbers prefer K-Dramas, of course not all, but it’s always easier to find subbers for Korean dramas than for Chinese dramas. So the Viki Pass Plus is a really big deal for our German community and many are angry & disappointed, if great dramas get no license and are restricted for Europe. Since Viki is the only legal site besides Netflix, most German viewers can’t watch the Plus content, unless they watch them on illegal sites.

Very upsetting is the fact, that even European Gold QCs don’t get the Viki Pass Plus and are outcasted from the Plus content. This feels like European QCs are second class QCs.


Next to no VikiPass plus for us Europan QC’s (and other none US QC’s) we also miss out on other perks like movie tickets, tickets for other events and in the past certain ‘badge hunt’ prizes where for the US only. As well as some Facebook give aways.

Now those extra perks like movie tickets and event tickets happen very rarely but it’s sad you cannot join them. Many of us will not fly to the US just to see a movie but what if a volunteer happens to be there on vacation and wants to win it?


LOL Make up for that … Okay, back to serious like irmar stated, we do not get an extra, nor do we have to give less contribution. That could be a way though, fewer contribution for less benefits. Now, that I thought about it “loud”, I would think it would be fair. But I guess except for starters most volunteers have the “overachieved” on their contribution counter anyway.

But I still think that the talk about benefit is … It doesn’t fit. Okay, let’s say it’s 50$ for the pass, I need to do 500 subtitles to get it for half a year, so for the whole year it would be 1000 subtitles. 20 subtitles equal to a dollars worth. How much time do you need to read 20 subtitles and then to think of translating …
This would be where I would stop the calculation.

On the other hand, if you would pay like some suggest. Just this week it was acknowledge by the court if someone like me, would work for a foreign company, but do it on German territory, I would have to be paid by German statutory minimum wage. That means a bit more than 10 $ right now, so about 5 hrs of work … It could never be profitable, no matter how I try to do the math at least not worldwide.

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Ho, ho , ho … Korean Dramas were the start and the amount of channels is 2:1 Korean: China. China is eager to export, it’s a huge country and the economy not growing as much as it would like to.

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I totally agree with your first post. The second one… Well, I’m constantly bombarded with Cdramas, so I don’t know. I just hope KOCOWA comes East of Eden (Europe :joy:), so we can all benefit from it.

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You see, the whole point here is the non-English languages.
What makes volunteers do all this is the knowledge that if subbing was paid, it would be only in English and maximum 3-4 more languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese most likely)
Whereas, with the existing system, we can have dozens of other languages that would never get a chance.

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That’s nice actually. I hear that Viki has cut down on the languages, though. Could it be just a bug?

No that’s not a bug but that depends on the license. As far as I know there are few types of licenses regarding this issue on Viki.

  • The license that only allows English subbing (Some Kocowa channels)
  • The license that only allows a few languages (Some Kocowa channels)
  • The license that allows all languages
  • The license that allows all languages except a few.
  • The license where the content owner later decides subs in a certain language are not allowed. (Happened to Japanese a few times for the channels I manage. And sometimes people where already subbing in Japanese and all of a sudden where blocked :frowning: )

And then I exclude the license/channels that come presegged/subbed and may or not may subbed into other languages.

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It has cut down on the languages in which the pages can be viewed. But dramas can still be translated in a great number of languages - well, except for some Kocowa ones (always that annoying Kocowa!).

If you say 1000 subtitles for one year Viki Pass, which amounts to 50 $ and therefore 20 subs are worth 1 $ and you would say 200 subs are done in 1 hour, you have 10 $ for one hour work. 5 hours work for 50 $, which is a good price.

On the other hand, if you get done 200 subs in 1 hour, you could earn 10 $ for 1 hour. Nice. But would Viki be willing to pay that amount?

Of course this calculation is just fiction :slight_smile:

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If it’s from the view of a volunteer, well maybe and maybe not. There are subbers who can do 200 subs an hour, some can’t. For me it’s more like I just don’t want to. I like to translate in a “lyrically way”. I am not sure if that is as fitting as a description like I want it to be. And I like to come back and re-watch my translation, if it works, or if there are typos and so on. Anyway …
How many hours does it take to translate a whole drama? And yes, we are talking fiction, unless Viki changes in a way, I wouldn’t want it to be.