Do anyone know which Chinese instrumental exactly it is?From any Chinese Drama?!

Just two days ago, I heard a beautiful instrumental from a cultural centre (that had been celebrating C
hinese new year for some days) and tried to record it from outside
**Here it is-with much background noise!-**
Then I asked help in another forum and someone there said that- it’s track no. 12 from OST- " Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" -
But…listening it again and again (though it’s a great soundtrack too), I’ve found some similarity but not the exact match!And so I can’t be convinced that they’re the same! Is it really another version of this OST or something totally different?Can anyone (chinese music listener/expert!) help out plz? Many many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:



Did you ever try playing it for Shazam to decipher?

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That’s where my life in the country comes through again…
For heaven’s sake, where do you live, that there so extreme cars honk? is that normal? :fearful:
With the song I can not help you unfortunately :sweat_smile:

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