Do KDRAMAS are only watched by Boys or Girls?

Most of the KDRAMAS are watched by girls, so is it stereotyped that on girls watch serials or Dramas? or it is watched by boys too?

Tell me in reply so as to rule out this thought!

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I have a lot of male friends who like dramas. Even the husband of one of my best friends likes it.
I think that it’s something about preferences, not all the boys like action things or something like that.
Well, I have to say that none of my ex-boyfriends like it or join me to watch dramas haha


The question is, what kinds of kdramas are we talking about?
When it comes to action, mystery, crime, fiction, I know some already.
With the idol and romance stuff you can chase them away, or they watch for the sake of their girlfriend.
But the young men I know don’t really differentiate between kdrama and jdrama.


Well , speaking of myself , I am a really old boy :slight_smile: at 54 years old , and I watch K-Drama , all of them are good, but I prefer the romancy , soapy ones or the family dramas. No need to see sh*t explode to confirm my masculinity


I’m male and I watch dramas. I now watch more dramas here than I do western TV. I prefer J-dramas but they are out numbered here at Viki by C and K dramas. I like K and C dramas equally but watch more k-dramas because they are shorter (16 episodes) than C dramas (30-40 episodes) so I can watch more in the same time.
I can watch any genre but prefer fantasy. I have no issue with romance, heck, sometimes I watch just for the romance. Does it go against social stereotype/expectation? Men don’t cry and all that, is it a sign of weakness or being soft? I don’t consider it such. One can be strong in only one area to the point of being brutish, or you can be strong in ALL areas and be well balanced and thus far superior.

It’s already been asked what the ratio of men vs women are here and it’s something ridiculous like 90-95% female so your findings will probably be the same. Us men know we’re outnumbered!


Because I have seen more of Girl comments then Boys comments


Yepp thats very true

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First of all you’ve Sir you’re right. Family Dramas are indeed very light-hearted, but action dramas bring some spice to our lives.
Reply me if you agree!


But girls also constantly vote in casting shows and are altogether more in need of communication (see me).

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Very much with you there Brother, I prefer the K-Dramas since I got a better grip on Korean than other Eastern languages, and admittedly the K-Dramas feature a good deal more eye candy , as apparently one qualification for a woman to act in them is to either be a former Miss Korea or a finalist in some way.


KDRAMAS feel so much refreshing and exciting that sometimes I feel I wish I was born in South Korea. If I get a chance I would definitely visit South Korea, and experience all by myself.


KDRAMAS feel so much refreshing and exciting that sometimes I feel I wish I was born in South Korea. If I get a chance I would definitely visit South Korea, and experience all by myself.
what do you guys think???

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I don’t know whether we’ve been watching the same dramas, but my impression is very different.
Yes, there are a number of very beautiful Korean actresses: Han Ye-seul, Jun Ji-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Lee Da-hae, Kim Yoo Jung, Han Hyo Joo, Jo Bo Ah, Park Min Young, Shin Min Ah…
But generally speaking, it’s not a rule. Standards are very high for men, they must be super-handsome and very tall, much taller than the average Korean or Chinese man, but women female leads are very often very plain. And there’s a reason for that. They want to cater to the fantasies of the plain female viewers: “If she, who doesn’t look that much better than I do, can have not one but TWO gorgeous males fall for her, then who knows, I may also have the same luck one day”.

Hwang Jung-eum

Park So Dam

Jung So Min


(Nam Sang Mi)

Yun Seung-Ha (Panda and Hedgehog)


Presentation. The FL always has a less dolled up appearance , looking far more like a natural beauty , and the 2nd FL is VaVa Voomed up a bit more, but a trained eye can tell, you can’t start from scratch and look like that :slight_smile: , It’s the same underdog formula, I even notice it in dramas biased for men , the 2nd ML is always built like Mr. Universe and always gets a shirtless shot somewhere in …

But these ladies are all gorgeous!

I often laugh when a major plot point in dramas is that such and such character is ugly and the actress is actually beautiful. My favorite is Er Xi in Love O2O, who in my opinion is one of the most beautiful actresses out there, and there’s this running joke/major plot line that she’s an ugly nerd when really the actress is absolutely stunning! They tried to give her big glasses and plaid shirts, but it’s not like you can’t tell.


Very True. Love 020 is very underrated but the actors are just GREAT!!!

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That goes to show that tastes vary…

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