Do Korean men really cry so openly?

I want to start by saying… I really hope they do! One problem too many men have - me included - is keeping your emotions bottled up.

I know in a lot of shows it’s the more comedic moments when they might cry in front of a friend or colleague, but not always. I’d love to know how accurate it is? Thanks


Yes, they do. And my good friend over on Facebook encourages all men to do the same:


Men have lesser life expectancy than women, and amongst other reasons, one of the basic reasons that bothers me is:


For life sake, who on earth came up with the saying: Men don’t cry???

Men (maybe most men) get emotional, then suppress their tears, because someone somewhere said to them, “men don’t cry”, and of course the society tags men who cry as being "weak":roll_eyes:

Emotional tears :sob:contain toxic chemicals called oxytocin and endorphins which are also called feel good chemicals

If these chemicals are suppressed, they cause depression and sometimes are the causes of suicide and definitely reduces life span.

This is the reason doctors encourage people to cry in the hospital at the demise of their loved ones. Crying (ordinarily) makes one feel better.
People who don’t cry when they should, should be observed. They are threats to themselves.

As for women, we cry any day, anyhow and anytime.

Men cry !
Men should cry!
It’s ok to cry!
But when you cry sha… Do it honourably like this :point_down::point_down::grin:


    From: Rtn Amb. Ogechi Osunwa

(Time 2 Grow)


I’ve never understood why “men don’t cry” is being used and/or regarded as weak and unmanly, men do have feelings and if they are in pain and very sad or feel helpless “crying” is a form of relief which is very healthy. Why does our body make tears or brings us to tears… our body is meant to cry in certain situations.


I am a softy when I see my guy jealous, and he starts to cry. I stop being a bad girl right there and then…:scream::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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