Do we really have HD or not?

I often wonder with all the push to upgrade to Viki Plus are we all looking at Viki drama in HD, I find that a lot of Viki dramas are not in HD, say what you want about Drama Fever but they do have HD dramas and they always show an icon showing that a particular drama is in HD. Viki fail to do this we don’t know for sure, I am a premium user on both site.

I have notice a big different in the visual and quality of the drama when it come to viewing on Roku or other devices.
For example both DF and Viki sometime have the same exact drama but DF seem to have a better quality because of their use of HD dramas, wherein Viki do not and we really have no way of telling if it is in HD.

But yet they want to charge an arm and leg to upgrade to Plus. I do not buy this hype, this is my my own personal opinion, I think instead of Viki saying they have HD format they need to prove and show it. Anyone that know about HD would know right away if what they are looking at is in HD. Sorry Viki you can fool some people sometime but not all the time Please do better for your members.

First of all, get your facts straight.
The upgrade to vikipass plus has absolutely nothing to do with HD or not. It is about the possibility to watch some more Korean shows. If they have a show in HD it will be in HD either you have vikipass standard or plus, no difference.

Obviously for older shows HD is not available at all.
For newer shows, they first upload it in medium quality and after a few hours they change it to the HD version, so you might have happened to watch immediately after upload. Check it again after a few hours and you’ll see the difference for yourself.

A good way to know the exact quality of the video is having a browser with Adobe Flash enabled. I have kept Internet Explorer like this, to use on some websites that need it. If there is Flash enabled, instead of the html5 player, you get the “old style” viki player, where you can choose manually the quality and also see the different quality options that are available.

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First there is really no need to tell me to get my facts straight, it is “Not” what you say, but how you say it to me or anyone. I do use ( Chrome as my browser) and I have the very latest Adobe Flash. I do not use the internet ( computer ) for viewing any dramas on Viki or elsewhere.

I always watch drama using my ROKU and that also have an HD input, and my TV is HD and set up completely to use HD devices for any movies that offer it. I do understand the different between new drama and old drama what will have HD and what will not. But still I have Watch or view the “Exact Same” drama on DF that are in HD some older and new. And those exact same drama found at DF was also found here on Viki as well but they was “Not” HD or was offer to be later.

Those are some facts that can not be just over look. I am not the first nor the last person who have notice the different between the two places, but as I pointed out I do not use the internet or IE browser I only use my computer to visit here on Viki to see what is new or coming up. And even if I decided to use my desktop computer it is also set up for HD if I wanted to use it for Viki drama which I do not. Thanks for your Reply.

It was because what you linked vikipass plus with the HD discussion, while those two are completely unrelated.

You also wrote that in Viki “we really have no way of telling if it is in HD”, so I suggested a simple method for discovering the quality of any video, thinking that getting definite evidence would be useful in order to make an informed decision. You replied that you cannot use this method because you’re not using a PC. Fine. But I was trying to help.

Apart from this, if you prefer DF, that’s no problem with me, the money doesn’t go into my pocket anyway.