Do you know this drama?

Hey there,
I’m searching for two dramas’s titles that I’ve started like 2/3 years ago but I just can’t remember the title. I’m not even sure anymore, whether it really was Korean, so I didn’t put this into KDrama.

The story revolves around a former female singer who’s girl group was very popular but they dissolved.
When some (probably rich) guy gets a heart surgery the doctor brings a radio into the room and listens to a song of this woman.
Afterwards, whenever this guy hears the song, his heart starts to beat like crazy. Meanwhile, the woman tries to get into a variety show.

That’s how far I can remember the story of the first.

The second one is about a woman who isn’t really happy because people (men) don’t seem to take her seriously. A genie in a bottle appears and helps her by only having her change seemingly minor things about herself like cutting her (reaaally) long nails or being more friendly to others.

If anyone thinks he knows one of these, please answer! It doesn’t matter if this post gets old, I would really like to know these because I remember that I really liked them though they weren’t that popular.

Thank you in advance,

I think the first one is Greatest Love. I didn’t watch this show completly but it does sound a lot like it. The main girl was a former group member and takes part in a variety show where a doc searches for his dream girl. And the heart of the main guy does keep beating when he’s around her.


Agree with the previous comment the first one is the Greatest Love, about the second one sorry It doesn’t sound familiar.

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First - The Greatest Love

Second - I don’t know this one, sorry …

The first is The Greatest Love for sure

The second I don’t know

the first is greates love, I’m sure, and is also here on Viki, about the seond one I really don’t know.

Greatest Love was huge very popular. Well worth watching again. I’m like the others here don’t recognise the second one, Sorry.

its the greatest love!!! (oops, didnt see that other’s already responded to it lol)

well anyways, i finished the greatest love not too long ago and i loved it xD
i miss it now :slight_smile:

im sooo sorry that i dont know that other drama you are talking about T.T i hope you find it :slight_smile:

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I can’t watch this because my baby is the second lead :frowning:

Hahahah, you make me laugh.

i liked it tho x) even if he was second lead, which, i also felt bad for him, but this drama was too hilarious and very interesting to miss. he has such a cute, light character, and he plays it well. yes, he’s second lead, but that doesnt mean that like most lead women who tottally reject the second lead, he at least got his chance, so it wasnt so bad. i loved him in it xD he wasnt tottally hopless. but he IS still 2nd. :frowning: :slight_smile:

btw, this drama had a great end. good ending. i loved it. it was not an end that i have seen in any other drama.

I watch this movie long ago and it was good and now I see this thread and look again and still like what I see.

I’m sorry to ask you in that way but I’m searching for a drama (I think it appears in the Viki Pass add) for a long time and all I have is this…
I don’t know why but I need to know what is this drama… It’s like an obsession.
If you can help me, I’ll be very grateful.

Thank you in advance,

That drama is a 20 episode Taiwanese drama called Fall In Love with Me :slight_smile:

The actor is Aaron Yan, a popular (and hawt) Taiwanese actor who is just starting on a new drama Refresh Man ^^

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