Do you like Lee Min ho?


Height is never a factor when it comes to crushes, or true love :sparkles::wink::+1:t5:
Yea, that post is a killer post. Just you wait 'till @vivi_1485 sees this, she’s gonna :musical_note:die! :notes::smile: she loves his :nose:t2: nose :rofl:


Seriously if I stood next to him he could rest his arm on my head! Where are my 4 inch Jimmy Choos! And my passport - I wanna go on one of his late night walks with him

That was a good post! Wasn’t it! Do I WIN!


I think so, but watch your back :rofl::laughing::rofl: they comin’ for ya! :rofl:


No i wont give you leeminho he is already mine
Its love at first sight. :cupid:




Fell for him while watching legend of the blue sea and it is my first kdrama🥰


hehe I do love the man’s nose, but Lee Do Hyun has charmed me senseless. @kdrama2020ali I’m out of the war, LDH is calling me to watch his latest episode :joy::see_no_evil:


Thank god! Just go dear, leave Minho to me!



I think my girl has Annie!

He’s My KIng the Eternal Monarch!


He is mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Anybody else watching this? :rofl:

Round 2! :heart_eyes::fire::heart_eyes:

Annnd :clapper: Action!
:movie_camera: :camera: :video_camera: :wink::wink: Post your best Minho :wink:


Im sorry i can’t choose one in a million and post it. i love him not his best photo he is in my heart and will be forever. i love leeminho and no one else so please @kdrama2020ali dont come please.


I can imagine you’re overwhelmed, and rightly so, there’s quite a mountain of his work out there :slight_smile::slight_smile: from music, modeling, and acting.

Okay folks, that was the best of two rounds. Not a bad fight if you ask me. :sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::heartbeat::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart:


Yes❤ i am eagerly waiting for pachinko, i think its under post production.the shoot is over.
But seriously will @kdrama2020ali leave minho to me ?:pleading_face:


Is it coming to Viki😃!?

About that question, you both are newer crushes, so I doubt it :rofl:


I think its a big no!
Apple tv produced it.
Oh please dont be doubtful!


:laughing: Based on her post ups :joy:


Then we will definitely have a war let her come online.


She’s probably busy watching something with Minho in it :joy:

What else have you watched of his?
These two are here on Viki