Do you like Lee Min ho?


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Ommo ommo! So cutee !





aghh his beauuuuutiful smiiile :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It was the nose - I was giving you a NOSE picture! :heart_eyes:


Nose for her and what about me ?
Will you dissect him and share with everyone or what ? Please don’t do that !! :joy::joy:


Aw Man - Sexy Minho! Whoosh


You asked for it!



Thanks !!!

Minho slept already and I’m sleeping too good night !


Good Night!
Oh my gosh he is so handsome!


I’m really afraid of @misswillowinlove
What is she typing so long?


The ugly mask and the geeky hair cannot hide the intelligent man.

I am so bored by dating rumors, marriage rumors, pregnancy rumors, divorce rumors.

There are women who get upset if their fave male idol gets married because then they cannot fantasize about being his woman. Srsly.

I was very puzzled to read on the Today Online website that C-drama fans are outraged that Feng Shaofeng and his wife of two years are now divorced.

First fans tittle-tattled about FSF and his Monkey King 3 co-star spending the night together. Then they tittle-tattled about Zhao Liying having a baby bump. Then they tittle-tattled about FSF having an affair after getting married. Then (and this gives me a headache) “netizens” were outraged when a baby WAS born, proving that THEY LIED about not having a relationship or a pregnancy.

Poor FSF. Poor ZLY. Poor baby. Give it a rest, netizens.

Meanwhile, Minnie keeps on being cool, whatever the rumors may be . . .


@padmalayag, I am just being snarky, something the Scotch-Irish are known for.


I’ve just updated the news about his rumours that’s all and i will be the one who will be happier if he gets married because I can’t . And I will love her too.


I read in an interview somewhere that he wants to be married by the time he is 35. Of course, timelines can and do change. :wink:


If that right lady walks past…:two_hearts:


We have to wait another 2 yrs to see that luckiest girl on this planet.


Here is my pick up line:

"Do You Believe in Love At First Sight or…Should I walk By Again!"

If I looked like that …he might look my way! bahahahaha!


We are not soo lucky girl!!