Do you like Lee Min ho?




Gotta watch out for pushback. What do your spies in your opponent’s training camp tell you? It would be a dirty trick if @leerla73 distracts you with multiple cuties while she does a stealth run and snatches victory away from you!

Eternal vigilance is the price of super-fangirling . . .




I don’t want to discount @padmalayag in this challenge. I think that if you go to a WWF format and get tag teams lined up, things will get even more interesting.

(Taking bets in the alley. Rolls of gimbap the only legal tender.)

However things fall out, I’ll be sitting pretty!


Creative Corner

Aw now we gotta bring out ElastiGirl



You don’t need one, do you?






Bless Your Heart!

Poor @padmalayag She is going to think we took over her thread!!! Wake up @padmalayag

Call me


@misswillowinlove you got scarletted!!


Well, in terms of being able to throw a few items in a suitcase and hop a plane to Seoul at a moment’s notice, I’m guessing @padmalayag has the advantage of everyone. So other contenders cannot relax for even a moment!


As for illegal use of Vivien Leigh . . .



She has an answer for that!






Oh my GOSH - I can’t EVEN



Who is innocent here ? Am I imagining??

This is about @kdrama2020ali

Okay then please go! 🤷 :sneezing_face::sob:

Yes, she knows well!!

She is my supporter :crossed_fingers: I love you @leerla73

Seriously I don’t understand! Whom are you supporting? If not are you adding fuel to the fire ??? :roll_eyes::thinking:

Can you be our referee? have been seeing us for quite some time.

She will not get distracted! She always fights with me focusedly !!

Seriously you are heartless.when we both are are enjoying! 🤷🤷

Well, I don’t have a super suit. So, I’m not into WWF

It is not my thread. it my oppas thread.


@padmalayag, Ooooh! She slipped a jab in when nobody was watching!


I tried to warn you :face_with_head_bandage: are you ok? :rofl::laughing::rofl::joy::rofl:


Look at all of us together! We ARE playing nicely! Aigoo


Are fighting WOKE him up!


I don’t know about Minnie, but it’s disturbing me!



The beginning of this when he is so SLEEPY is exactly how he feels - and he has no pants on!!! He says to the camera guy - hahahahahahahah! Up to 4 min in! And his brain is not working!


Wow. Up in the dark to . . . travel essentially 190 miles to film something? That’s dedication. I could never do that.

But, speaking seriously, being somebody’s dog-wrangler would be a cool job.


Hi did I hurt @misswillowinlove ? If yes I’m sorry.


I have many options for recovery. I discovered the videos of Li Ziqi on YouTube about four years ago. Now she has a Facebook page. Anything she does is creative, simple, beautiful.

It is a pleasure to watch her add significant beauty to her home.

I won’t put too much emphasis on the idea that, if Minnie hired her to decorate a home for him . . . he would probably retire, invest a bundle in her work and . . .

Do I have to tell you what would happen to this thread?

[On a more serious note, Li Ziqi has a YouTube video on making pork dishes that is the most amazing fusion of practical wisdom and timeless beauty you would ever want to see . . .]