Do you like Lee Min ho?


조금 만 🤏🏾 Haa-ha! I laugh because I’m using this hand sign that Asian Boss focused on in one of their very recent videos. Here is the video. Ha!

No worries @padmalayag Ha! @misswillowinlove already found a recovery, and unintentional :thinking: swerve move, hope you got on armor in case your heart pops out :laughing: Yup! I know you’d support your Oppa.


Noice! :+1:t5: We watch the same things, her, and her 奶奶(Nǎinai) are educational, practical, and entertaining. Everything is agreeable for me living that life, except raising, and killing food. Nope don’t want nothing to do with that life. I already know @porkypine90_261, and I think @sweetybirdtoo might beg to differ.


I’m lost but I’ll be ZEN with MINHO :purple_heart:



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My mother grew up on a farm where my grandparents had horses, milk cows, pigs, barn cats, and hunting dogs. They commercially grew tobacco and cotton and also had large vegetable gardens for the family.

My mother talked about my Nana catching a chicken and swinging it over her head to break the neck so she could fix it for dinner. She also talked about hunting for squirrels and raccoons and possums–I think largely because they ate the garden vegetables and chicken eggs.

In addition, she and her sisters helped chop cotton with the farm hands.

At the same time, she knit beautifully and sewed beautifully and learned all of my Nana’s best recipes.

I cannot imagine how she could do everything she did growing up. But you do what you need to do.


You’re right, I wouldn’t live that life by choice, although I can respect the ‘simplicity’ of it. Although even though these women make it look simple, I know it’s not. It’s hard exhausting work.


Amino Apps

Oh NO! Pooh Bear Factor!!! @misswillowinlove


That is a super-significant factor in hotness. Male energy gently displayed is irresistible.

For instance . . .

(from My New Plaid Pants)

And I’m outta here!



:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :notes::musical_score: Hit 'em with the two

:notes::musical_score: :joy:

This though . . .


Minnie definitely has the Huggable Bear Factor!



Watch very closely in the back - Anyone who messes with my Minnie!

Bahahahahahahaha! Ok sorry I’m obsessed with these darn birds.

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:rofl: But he didn’t even do anything! :woman_shrugging:t5:
All that’s missing is :speaking_head: Mine! :speaking_head: Mine! :speaking_head: Mine!


Cute little birds so cute!!

Exactly :joy::joy::joy:
He is mine



@leerla73 I said if “anyone else” messes with my Minnie!!! hahahaha!
@padmalayag (taking my mine gif clever)

Aw Shucks!


Hahahaha I didn’t steal yours you posted them from gify, I posted them from tenor. And he is mine tooo !





Serious question here. Is there a men’s fragrance Minnie promotes? At one point, I had a thing for “boyfriend” fragrances. Most men’s fragrances are very strong and annoying from my point of view, but some are remarkably subtle and to me smell better than the women’s version.


I wear Junho’s fragrance - but as a body lotion - I’ll have to see about Minnie

You might like the one Junho promotes it is so clean and yummy!


Hmm. Does Minnie know about this? How do you explain this?