Do you like Lee Min ho?


Arent you waiting for pachinko!!!???


Yes - She asked about a fragrance! or Cologne! Right? I’m sure Minnie promotes one!

In my defense -



Um @misswillowinlove
Look what you did!!!


I found the Kiehl’s website. Is that the “Junho” website? I have a friend who was born in Shanghai who said its a great purveyor of lovely skin products.


The musk - is the
He wears the musk that he posed with
I wear the lotion


Gabsahabnida, agassi!


Not sure but several places say this is what Minho Wears

Kiehl’s - I do think the lotion is wonderful - really works on dry skin! I might try some of their other products



I do love him. He’s so good at playing toxic, broken, emo boys. He’s basically the Kylo Ren of K-Drama.

I loved him in Legend of the Blue Sea, Heirs, and The Good Doctor. His character was so horribly cruel to the FL in Boys Over Flowers until he decided she was “dateable” that the whole series was off-putting for me. If I had to choose a favorite it would be The Good Doctor because he was kind, protective, and loyal to a fault. The character was gruff, but never truly cruel.


Night Lee Minho





I didn’t notice these!!

How are you both !
@leerla73 and @kdrama2020ali

I missed this thread and Minho so much

Are you still targeting My man’s nose!


“targeting”?? :joy::joy:
The man’s nose is for everyone to admire and I WILL admire it!
image image
LOOK at that PERFECT side profile! :heart_eyes::star_struck:

These sunglasses have all the space in the world :joy:


Nooo! He is mine!


Not you copying @kdrama2020ali fanchant :flushed::woman_facepalming: I’m OUT


Every has the right !!!

What is @leerla73

Typing … ??? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


You haven’t fainted have you? @vivi_1485 slipped those in :thinking::thought_balloon: she has learned well much of @kdrama2020ali’s soft blows.

But, never mind, splash on some water on your face, ah’em, and :wink: do try to get up gracfully. :wink::wink:


Oh go eun unnie !! She is so cute!

I will!!


This killed me dead! So SEXY!!! And the nose @vivi_1485 @padmalayag



You leave me dumb always