Do you like Lee Min ho?


OH THARN - where - on his insta??? I love Tharn!!!


Yes, go and check them out.


Lee Min Ho is the one who introduced me with one of my favorite artists and lee min ho is the reason i started watching kdramas


Lee min ho is the reason I’ve watched boys over flowers a billion times he’s a total heart throb


look what I found!

wonder if we coulde request the movie??

Trailer Of Drama “Pachinko” With Lee MinHo, Youn YuhJung, More
The official trailer of Apple TV+ upcoming drama “Pachinko” is out!


Post the link in 2022 K-drama we want😉 they’ll probably make us rent it :expressionless::laughing::smile:


Saturday, March 19, 2022, Live Stream of LMH’s Airport arrival. The short version, 1st clip, and the live stream version, 2nd video.


Pachinko is set for a sequel, see Marcus Here’s update in this post.


If I’m not mistaken, Minho recently turned 35. I’m surprised there isn’t any mention of it here. I’ve been out of the loop for the past few weeks packing and moving to a new house/town so I’m trying to catch up. Anyhow, I hope he had a wonderful birthday.



I keep waiting for Lee Min Ho to risk alienating his fan girls and announce that he is going to marry SOMEBODY.

In a culture where many are Buddhist and believe strongly in the importance of having descendants to honor departed loved ones as minor deities, he is as the saying goes, dragging his feet.

He’s established himself as an astute businessman. He’s shown that he has skill as a writer and director.

He’ll never be 20 again, that magical age when men think they can do anything and live forever, but he doesn’t have to be.

Come on, Minnie, let’s do some adulting!


Well, he did say in an interview a few years ago that he would like to be married at 35 so here’s his chance. LOL!


Okay, ladies. Line up . . .


There’s no denying that he’s an extremely popular guy but I just can’t picture him marrying one of the masses. If he were to marry a ‘common’ girl, she would have to be a CEO of a company and quite beautiful (MHO). He may surprise us all though.


He could imitate Chow Yun Fat who married a “regular girl.”



Nope. Sorry, can’t stand him.