Do you like Lee Min ho?


Please… I only have him!
You have so many other oppas!
Leave him !


Yes I definitely like him he is not only a great actor to me but he looks super cool in anything he wears.i love to watch a K drama when the lead looks great in his or her clothes.


I have been so NICE - I stayed off the thread for a long time -

I thought you were trying to take



I don’t need him!
Leave Minho that’s enough!
Okay wookie is yours, min ho is mine.


You know I love teasing you!!!



Definitely love Ji Chang wook


Have you checked out Hottie Posse???

I am the HOTTIE POSSE keeper of the KEYS - OVERLORD @padmalayag


Oh @padmalayag


And on that thread there’s too much competition! Hahah








The black hat!!!


Sounds like a thread to me! :wink::rofl:
Is it as significant as,
“The White Truck”? Hmmm. . . :thinking:


The irl bro-mance of Lee MinHo. Only Lee SeungGi is in this funny short clip :wink: Second video in link below, ‘Mafia Game’ :smile:


Thanks for the tag, I’ll watch it


Yes I’m also like lee min ho. I really love the legend of the blue sea, the king


My favourite dramas of him :heart:


Minho Facebook Update!

Doesn’t he look gorgeous! I really miss him!


I saw those already he’s so hot! Even tharn(mew) also posted pics with same brand clothes today, both are hot!