Do you like Lee Min ho?

Good Morning Minho - my present


@kdrama2020ali, thanks for the present. Much appreciated. LOL! I’ve always wondered if some of our K-drama actors/actresses would ever create an anonymous profile and check to see what fans are saying about them on this site. I suspect they are quite busy and don’t have time but it is an interesting thought for me. Additionally, I get a huge kick out of reading all the comments/arguments about Minho. No doubt in anyone’s mind that he is an extremely attractive man. Just fun to read the gals’ comments as they are ‘fighting’ over him. Besides my K-drama addiction, I love visiting this site to read people’s thoughts. Please continue with the great entertainment!


So I hv read that not the artist but people in their company monitor fans responses yes. My Vincenzo thread was seen a lot outside Viki & brought people in. So we can hope they get a kick outta what we say. I’m glad we are entertaining (he is mine by the way) haha


Do you really have to mention it again and again???


She’s :joy: spoiling for a rumble


My hair is purple & I use Guy Tang


Ha! Ha! Ha!:rofl::joy::rofl:

Oh lordy


Now I understood why you want to colour your hair purple!


Leeminho himself🤭


We don’t know may be they are among us.

For me too!

I hope you are not into our fight!


You really get her, you really do! :joy: She’s practically wearing couple rings if you ask me, next is the :ring::white_check_mark:


:rofl: look at you (˘・_・˘) biting your nails at just the mere thought :thought_balloon: :joy:


Omg, I found a perfect discussion for me :joy::joy::heart_eyes: It became a meme how much I like Lee Minho between my friends. They even made me postcards with him on Christmass :rofl: I love it hahaha


Please do share, links photos, videos. We’ll :heart: them to pieces :smile: and back again!


Hahaha!! Welllll… I’m gonna plead the 5th on that one.


He’s one of my favs but I think there is enough ‘hunkage’ to go around. LOL!


Ooooooh! The shaaaade! :joy:

Credit: Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


Wow! That is so great but please i already have so many ppl here on this thread to fight with for leeminho
I hope you are not into this

Thats for sure


This is a thing in the :us: USA :us: our Amendment Right to not say another incriminating word :speak_no_evil:! Basically to remain silent :joy: