Do you like Lee Min ho?


I dont want to describe anything. And you know wht i just got a dream and im talking to minho in korean and i don’t want to give any further details about the dream. Its 6:50 am now.


UR funny yes we love are dreams

U guys are my people

Please forgive spelling dumb tablet


What ever happened to back on Friday?:joy::rofl::laughing::joy:
Btw: :laughing:
I’m on lunch at work, will catch up with you guys later


I cant do much on my tablet so no sexy photos


:rofl: it is fine you can post later.


Let’s see Minho for me 1st its his EYES crazy they drive me crazy. His voice & laugh. He is 6’2 and I love how regal he is. He is so funny! And love his laugh. Adams apple dont get me started…bahaha…let’s see what else,!


Okok bye bye bye i think i should stop seeing your posts bye. Ohhh!! Huhh! Too much description.


Don’t leave now! Oh there is an interview I love where he is in like cream sweater talking to guy on tv AND he gets up and makes himself coffee - i wanna make him my famous french drip coffee aw ill find that one soon


Really.i want to watch it please share the link whenever you can or if it is on youtube tell me the name of the video i will search it.


Its an interview ugh I cant remember ill find it and post this weekend if i can he is so adorable


Im waiting see you soon take care bye!


There it is


Amazing i remember the sweater


I love watching him make coffee


Here is a :gift: :shopping: :gift: gift! :sparkles::wink:


I LOVE presents


I watched that live interview yesterday but only half and saved other half i will watch it today and its like wow and the closeup shots and the dice game is nice.


I love that he knows we love his eyes & his adams apple - & close up on his eyes - swoon


Did you both, @padmalayag, open it? :gift::shopping::gift::sparkles::wink::+1:t5:


Aha hahaha that is cute