Do you like Running Man? Cause i like them!

Yeah! Can’t wait to see 'em on June 2nd ! They’ll come to Indonesia with Park Ji Sung! Asian Dream Cup! FINALLY !!!

I know right there just so amazing!!(:

Hey ! I’m crazy about RM, I freakin’ worship and love them !!!
My eternal favorite is Haha , even his face’s expressions make me laugh like crazy .
I’m not lying , i swear , but i have one t-shrit with them , soo yep …

In the end , I love them all, I think they’re the best , and the qualitly comedy that they make can only get to that level with all of them . Yep , they’re all quite special in their own way :smiley:

Completely love them, in the past year I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve seen every episode (with the exception of the latest one) it’s already past 200!! And my favorite man being Lee Kwangsoo - like seriously the traiterous giraffe is hilarious (every time you think he couldn’t, he does)