Do you like Running Man? Cause i like them!

I Love Running Man! I hope you do too!!


I love Running Man

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OMG i LOVE running man a little too much HAHAHAHA ! which is your favorite episode guys? and who is your favorite running man cast person? min is LEE KWANG SOO this guy is HILARIOUS x.D he reminds me of Mblaq’s lee joon

haha me too!! I like haha hes funny too!
I like his doll!(:

HAHAHAHAHAHA xD he is my second favorite he is hilarious xD i love these people i wanna play the game with them when they run in the museum!!!

LOL that doll so cute xD that pic lol

Haha me too!! The doll is so cute(:

Yessss Running Man is the best.

My puppy has small eyes so I named him Jong Kook…

I Love Running Man! I love the interactions between all the members!!

Haha thats cute!!

I know me too!! They are family!!

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I absolutely love “Running Man”.

I LOVE RUNNING MAN and I love all of the members!! Now waiting for Australia’s 2nd part!!

Yeahh there episodes have been funny!(:

Me too!!(:

Which episode is your favorite? I can’t choose, because there’s always something really funny and unique in each episode.

I think so too. I wouldnt be able to choose there is always something you dont expect!

I just can’t wait to see their new episode every Tuesday ^^

Me too!!(: It’ll be funny

It’s impossible to not love them!
I mean please, they’re crazy, funny, cute, awesome and I don’t know how many times I had belly ache for laughing too much hahaha

They’re just too much to handle!!