Do you owned any Asian music on CD?

Hey, I just would like to know if some people of you owned Asian CDs?

I for example have one Japanese and 6 Korean CDs. And maybe I will own more in the future^^

The Japanese CD I have was even advertised here in Germany back then in 2013 as it came out. I remember that there was an advertisment for the CD on some magazines^^ It was the album “Level3” by the Japanese girlgroup called “Perfume” and I got this at an normal German electronics store. So bad that they only had like 1-2 Asian CDs over the years and non I liked besides the one of Perfume and now allways when I go to this store I don’t find any Asian CDs there…

Than this year I started to buy Korean CDs. I got this CDs: “Her-Love Yourself” by BTS, “Ko Ko Bop-The War” by EXO where I was suprised cause there are two drawn Cards in it (and not one as it was supposed to be) but now I have two drawn cards of Suho^^. Than I have “Love Me Right (repackaged)” by EXO, “Chained Up” by VIXX, “True Colors” by JBJ (Oh I so love the pop up card that is in there…) and than I have the “mixtape” by Stray Kids, but I am not sure if it was supposed to have one card in there or two, but actually I got two small cards in there. I actually had a card of Woojin and a card of Hyunjin in there…

I actually filmed how I was “unboxing” Stray Kids and JBJ but damn you Youtube. it takes me hours to upload the videos, so maybe I share the videos later with you or not…^^

And what about you? Do you owned any Asian CDs?

約書亞樂團 這是真愛

This album has a lot of great songs, But this one and this one are my favorites :slight_smile:

約書亞樂團 Strong Love

Here a popular song from the album, and this one is great too.

Hope to get more Asian CDs Soon, Also wanting to get a J-US CD