Do you want to watch a drama with me?


**hello everyone **
I would love to watch a drama with other people (especially because none of my friends like K-dramas)
so if you are interested hit me up

I live in Germany that means I am on the Central European Time and am a Student so would prefer a Friday or Saturday to watch anything
I also prefer Dramas from Korea :see_no_evil:
I don’t know yet which Drama to watch but maybe Mr. Queen, suspicious partner or sell your haunted House
I would love to hear your recommendation :blush:

I also have a Question
It is not possible for me to make a Party public
If I try to click “Yes” to make the Party public nothing happens and it stays on “No”

thanks for reading and pleas consider in mind that this is my first time on the community and discussion Part on Viki and don’t know how everything works yet so if I answer a little later or don’t see your messages it is my fault but I don’t mean to be rude :two_hearts:

have a nice day
bye :sunny:


Hi there, not every drama can be used for WatchParty… checkout this link:

and here the public WParties:


Only dramas that require a standard pass can be made public. It would be nice if free ones could be public, but I’d guess it has to do with the automatic ads, and not wanting to miss out on the revenue.

I’m in North America so I’ll have to pass on joining you for WPs, I hope you find a fun group though.


thanks everybody for your help
you are amazing :blush: