Doctor Stranger : What do you think?

Who do you think is going to end up with Hoonie? and why?
What are your other predictions for the rest 4 eps.

Friendly Debates are welcomed. :slight_smile:

Last week my comment was

After watching the last two episodes I can truly say that this is the most nonsensical Korean drama script that I ever saw and this drama fail to deliver on expectations

Comrade Cha didn’t deserve such a stupid ending.I know he has to die, but not like that!  I still hope he isn’t dead after all and he will have a meaningful death.

In the last episode it really look silly the way the writer exaggerates doctor Moon’s character. He’s supposed to be a professor, a specialist physician , not  a medical student who panicked in the operating room. He’s  affiliated to that hospital for 20 years , done plenty of surgeries and now he cannot do one without  Park Hoon’s help?

As for Jae Hee, she keeps love in her heart but pulls back from Park Hoon, as I predicted. Loving him deeply gives her courage to sabotage a sabotage.At this point I really don’t care anymore with whom Park Hoon will end up, because all the script is a mess.

As I said, I’m not concern anymore about the “love story” but about the script. My reason tell me that Jae Hee and Cha have to work for North Korean secret service, not for the South Korean Prime Minister, they must be counter spies. There is no sense that a North Korean agent turns side and works for the South Korean Prime Minister just because he suffered a punishment for losing the man he was supposed to supervise. And those from North will not let off so easy one of their agents. That will be stupid.


My prediction: the writer will refuse to supply an ending for this drama in which all the conflicts are resolved and all the secrets are revealed because it seems he deviated from his original intention, so now he’s lost and doesn’t know how to clean up the big mess. It would be an open ending.

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yes, it could be an open ending. Ok, I forgot to tell my prediction :smile:

In episode 16 we saw that Park Hoon is not insensible to Soo Hyun, but he’s also connected with his first love.
I think the story will take a dramatic turn in the last two episodes. If I were the writer I will reveal that Jae Hee had a child with Park Hoon and he will end up doing a surgery like his father did in the first episode, having his 5years old child there, with a gun pointed to his head, so I imagine a cyclic ending. Jae Hee will somehow exit the scene, she will die protecting them and Park Hoon will raise his child together with Soo Hyun, because he promises that to Jae Hee- who knows Soo Hyun can be a good mother for her child and also a good wife for Park Hoon.

We’ll have a happy family portrait in the end : Park Hoon, Soo Hyun and the child (probably a girl) together, let’s say skating. Park Hoon smiles to his wife and embraces his daughter feeling the heart beat of Jae Hee.


Well, I hope that Hoon will end up with Jae Hee(if not I 'm for an ending like that suggested by AndradaRo), but also I would like that Soo Hyun end up with Han Jae Joon because in the end he’s not a bad guy.

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[quote]Comrade Cha didn’t deserve such a stupid ending.I know he has to die,
but not like that!  I still hope he isn’t dead after all and he will have a meaningful death. [/quote]

Your intuition was correct, officer Cha is alive :smile:
one more episode till the end.

neither Jae Hee, neither Oh Soo Hyun … he will remain with comrade officer Cha - his shadow, who will continue to supervise him :smile:

I watched the last episode very relaxed, with any invested emotion because I had no longer expectations.  I really liked the premise of this drama (the first two episodes), however, only six episodes in, it became clear that little thought had been given to how to spin logic the story out further. Week after week, the plot become more confusing and nonsensical.

No ending could have caused my upset, because I didn’t care anymore. Actually I laughed.  The scene on the bridge was so pathetic, but so, so pathetic . Jae Hee was standing the middle of the bridge; officer
Cha shot her and she fall over the bridge because of that shooting.

Wow… is she a Superman to fly in the water :slight_smile: ? You cannot fall over the bridge railing if you’re shot even if you stand near the railing. The parapet is minimum 1 m high. You fall near it, but not in the water. And she was even standing in the middle of the bridge, so impossible to fall over the parapet.  I know it was supposed to be a dramatic scene but I broke out laughing because of the ridiculous.

After that , my poor officer Cha kills himself.

I have no idea what he said before dying, I’ve seen this episode RAW but I guess, without Hoon which he believed dead, he has no purpose so he seeks freedom by death and knowing he served his country till the end. *( I shall re watched this part with subtitles. Comrade officer Cha was my favorite character of this drama)

And of course those two ladies do not call the ambulance, do not call police , they just sit and cry …

The ending was somehow sad. They risked their lives to seek freedom in South Korea, but they are not free, they are caught  in the intrigues of corrupt politicians and “condemned” to live an isolated life, hiding in a rural area. Maybe it would have been better for them not to leave the North. At least there they would have had a different social status. Here, they will always be two strangers in hiding. I can bet this drama will not have a sequel - “back to the North”:slight_smile:

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Cha Jin Soo was a creepy character  I enjoy also seeing. In the middle of the series I even though he likes Jae Hee in his own perverse way . He was her trainee, after all. The beginning of episode 6, when he’s accused of being a traitor who deliberately  let Park Hoon escape was hard to watch. But even in his agony
he yells  “ long live Korea!”. Those were also his last words on the bridge.

I did like his parts and him, as a character- creepy psycho tormented.
Park Hae-Joon showed good acting skills.

The bad boy from the North dies while all the bad boys from the South survive (the hospital’s chairman, the PM, the President) .I was expecting this.

What I find strange is the disappearance of the former hospital chairman in the middle of the series. The character just evaporate :slight_smile:

Weird things happened, it was a messy plot.

@andradaro [quote] Jae Hee was standing the middle of the bridge; officer Cha shot her and she fall over the bridge because of that shooting. [/quote]
yep… the coolest scene.

She was shot in her arm but didn’t fall there, but over the bridge :smile:

Same mistake in Budapest or even a bigger mistake. I’ve been there, I know that bridge.  You cannot fall over the stone parapet because it has a least 50 cm width. It’s impossible. Maybe if you are more than 2.1m ( 6ft 10) tall.

bad writing, bad director :smile:
she cannot fall even if she lie on her back (like she did, in that scene).

I’ll stop here. There were so many mistakes.

It’s obvious that Jae Hee couldn’t get flip over from the way she stood in Chain bridge or the second bridge, but probably the Director wanted  to create a crucial moment so he was more concern about the background music and their facial expressions than technical details.

All the actors did a great job. They give me a reason to continue watching this series although the script
was mediocre. I can hardly wait to see Lee Jong-suk in another drama. He’s a great actor.