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-(French voice without subs) playlist including:
A very recent web series called “If I were Pekingese” talking about censorship and many things about entertainment. Really interesting. It would be great if ppl could add subs in English so more ppl could discover it.

-(Deutsch voice without subs): the same web series

-English voice + subs: Wu Zeitian, The Empress Who Ruled The World (Chinese History Documentary) | Timeline
It’s the same empress we can watch in Detective Dee (the first movie of the series is available on Viki, but there are lot of other movies and dramas).


I watched this a few weeks ago, it’s really incredible how this country keeps its traditions (katana & paper crafters, geiko/maiko) + is modern at the same time.
The sentence I liked was: “If we believe we have talent, we are definitively mistaking.” (around 9:00) When we watch this documentary, we can’t help thinking that Japanese people are very humble and hard-working.


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