Does anybody know this movie?

I know this might be a vague description but bear with me.
Awhile ago…(alright years ago). I saw this trailer of a movie. I don’t remember if it was a korean or japanese one.
It’s about a crazy woman breaking into an apartment and holding the guy ( who lives there) hostage.
it was in the winter.

If this sounds like a movie you know can you please tell me the title so I can check it out.

That kinda sounds familiar but I’ve watched so many dramas I can’t place it either do you know if it was a comedy or romance though kinda sounds like a horror XD

It sounded a bit like Codename: Jackal, except for the winter part… It also reminded me of the american movie “Misery”, based on the novel by Stephen King.

Does any one know the name of an Asian show of a poor girl
who is mistreated by her own sister? The girls do not know they are
sisters. The poor girl is the secret daughter of a wealthy family and
lives a poor life working in a mall. Her sister sabotages her work at
the mall and in an office. The poor girl may work designing things.
Also, there is a guy who both girls fall in love with.I remember
they work together at an office, but the girl is mistreated since she is
poor. For example, others go to lunch and leave her at the office
working by herself. She has friends at the mall and they prepare a set
up for an opening, but it is sabotaged over night. Her sister regrets
mistreating her sister unknowingly towards the end. Also, one of them
may have been adopted or they may have been switched at birth.
Any help would be appreciated.

office girls??? Miss rose?? theres another one but I will find the title
go single lady or love now, just you

I have one too, about an heir that runs a fancy restaurant, he is a mean guy to his employees, course a girl shows up. one thing I do remember, the girl and guy were childhood friends, the father knew her too. a lot of conspiracy and all. but I’d sure like to find this one. not sure if Tiawanese, Japanese, Chinese or Korean I have been trying to find it but not yet. so any help would be greatful

Cinderellas sister dear sister.

oh that one, was it when she heard the Christmas song too? she was mnad at that guy for maybe dumping her. not sure on that one.
try shining inheritance for the sisters(?)

except there the woman held a man hostage in her own house

PS on this one, love me or you is not the one, I rewatched and is not the one. the christmas song one I did find that, my lovely bong soon (I don’t have the title in front of me she was the pastry chef…

Master God of Noodles
Baker King Kim Tak Goo
I Order You
Kim Chi Family
Warm and Cozy
Perfect Match (Taiwanese)
Love Cuisine (Taiwanese)
Taste of Love (Taiwanese)

These shows have either rude male chefs or characters that knew each other in childhood in a cooking drama… Not sure if all have both items

Hello @marygrether1_gmail_c I appreciate those suggestions. They don’t seem to be it. It was a wealthy family who owned a mall conglomerate. Let me know if you have other ideas. I appreciate it.