Does anybody know this song's title?

I’d like to listen to it without applause:

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You can shazam this song to find the music. You’ll find it very easily. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip, what means shazam?

Shazam is an app for which you can play a song you don’t know and it tells you what song it is. It’s not very known in Europe, I think. I also only can tell you what I heard about it.

The song you’re looking for is probably 《迂蓝》 yulan . I tried to find the orignal singer but I couldn’t figure it out.

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That dance! Love it! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched it.
That voice! It’s unmistakable (cos she’s one of my fave artistes).
This is the theme song of C-movie, One Step Away 《觸不可及》.

Here’s the YT video minus the applause. ENJOY!
Faye Wong 王菲 - Unattainable Love 愛不可及 [Official Music Video/Theme OST of “One Step Away”《觸不可及》]

Btw, it’s a good watch, if you like this genre and era. Brings to mind another movie that’s similar but more interesting and intense.

Choreographer-cum-Dancer Zhang Ao Yue named their performance piece as 《迂·蓝》 Swirls: Blues (i.e. dancing/swirling in blues). That song is a blues song.


thank you so much jade :two_hearts:

I’ll see if I find the movie as well, sounds interesting :slight_smile:

@ Lust & Caution

I watchted it in the past, Tony Leung is great. In this movie he played a more or less evil character (in the movies I saw with him before he played a good guy) and his look was quite “scary”. Great acting skills. I was thinking to watch again since some time passed from thelast time I saw it.

Oh, I see. Thank you for explaining :slight_smile: