Does anyone know if Viki is able to get license for kdrama "Emergency couple"?

I honestly love this Drama “Emergency Couple” but I can’t find it anywhere to watch it but on dailymotion and drama fever (hate the ads)… This drama is hilarious and has different kind of emotional mix… PLUS…great drama to watch for those who are Papa Gumiho lover :smiley: (or Kim Tan’s older brother…)

The drama is not completely over yet…It has only been up to 13 episodes…so please please…someone from viki help get license for this… It’s on TVN Network…T^T

starrs in Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo (Running man Lady :D)


Viki was unable to get the license for it, so you’ll have to watch it elsewhere.

hey i am jr.zavala i am 12 years old going on 13 i would talk but i am not going on for a month because of my fam they don’t think it’s good to have or be on viki so good bye

I think you can also watch it on or something like that. But that is too bad that viki does not have it, I think because they are the same network that aired reply 1994, and I don’t think that was aired on viki also.

Hi Scircus! :slight_smile: Unfortunetly this drama isn’t available on viki at the moment because
it is a Dramafever exclusive, most likely until the drama finishes airing. So it will
be a while before you get to see it on viki, but you can always watch it on Dramafever
in the meantime. Good Luck! :3

There are a few other sites that air it that ad-blocker works on so you don’t have to watch the stupid ads…like I understand that’s how they get money and all but seriously after watching the Poo Pourri followed by Victoria Secret ones I was WTF o_O -_- my drama experience was ruined…now if it was Korean commercials I’d probably gladly sit through them but finding out how to make my poop not smell was just not on my list of things to do while watching a drama…PM me if you want the link to the other sites!!

Reply 1994 is definitely on Viki.

There is a better website to watch emergency couple than dramafever, with better quality and zero adds, if you interested send me a pm since we can’t post other websites here by viki policy thanks

Yes DramaFever or Hulu only places to watch it. I agree with all the comments, it’s really enjoyable like I need Romance 3 it had all the enjoyable ingredients.

Yay Viki has a license!
Check the channel to see which regions:

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AWESOME!!!But boooooooooooooooooooo not available in my country :’( THAT SUCKS 4 me anyway…enjoy for those of you that can watch it here it’s a really great drama!!!

Thank You for the offer but I have already finished ER Couple. ^_^’

Oh this way waaay back when viki didn’t had the EC drama, I was talking about better than dramafever but since it’s here there is no better place than viki :smiley:

Pretty fun show actually, I started and stopped once on the first episode. But watched the first episode and now Im hooked :smiley: