Does anyone use Daum Cafe or Kakao Talk or Naver?

Daum cafe or Kakao Talk or even Naver is used by the Korean people a lot. Personally I want to give a try to see whats so great about it ??
Have you guys tried it ??


Some fan clubs require you to have a Daum or a Kakao Account. I found them EXREMELY hard to sign up for -

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There’s nothing very “great” about it. It’s just that they use Naver like we use Google. It has a lot features google has, like Maps and Translate. And they use Kakao Talk like we use WhatsApp. And I think Daum Cafe is the equivalent of Discord.

I don’t see any point in signing up unless you’re at least a little fluent in Korean, because almost everything happens in Korean there.

Personally, I use Naver’s V-Live(YouTube equivalent) because kpop artists go live and post stuff first there.
I also use Naver’s Papago because it translates Kor-Eng and vice versa MUCH better than GoogleT… it also has formal/informal speech settings, sentence examples, root words, synonyms and compound words for every translation, so it’s more informative.

If you’re visiting Korea, you will need Naver Maps. If you want to practice Korean, you can use the children’s version of Naver ( for easy stories, nursery rhymes, animations, games and videos(you should be able to read Hangul). Everything is incredibly cute :smile: I love Junior Naver’s design. It’s like a complete kindergarten experience.


Well, the German subtitling community uses Kakao Talk App!
There are various chat groups like Projects Chat, Viki-Family, K-Pop and perhaps more.
Rather than communicating through disqus in the editor we have for each project a chat group where we can communicate timely, ask questions when subtitling and mods give deadlines or respond to questions and give directives.

So far this App has worked very well and folks buy the various emojis, in past there were K-Pop idols emojis… I’m not sure if they still have them :rofl: There is also a desktop version which some people prefer to use as to using the app on the cell phone.


yeah once I tried too but because there was so much Korean written here and there, I felt disappointed so I dropped the idea. But later after 2 months I tried again and succeeded . Hence now I have a Naver email along with gmail id.

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Many Fan Groups and Subtitling groups are based on kakao pages. I try daily and find new things that I don’t understand at all !!
For a single doubt I google to find it. After many trial and error I now have a stable Naver account, but there is so much undiscovered that it feels so over whelming and at the same time disappointing too… :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:


V live is used by me too, to watch live by the Idols. That’s a nice thing of all


One more thing do anyone know about what is Zepeto ??. This is something like that of talking Tom is it ??? @kdrama2020ali @simi11 @vivi_1485